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New Ice Formation Over The Last Five Days

http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/CT/animate.arctic.color.0.html I wonder how all that NWP shipping is coming along?

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Australia’s Global Warming Efforts Have Been Successful

http://www.bom.gov.au/ Congratulations to the Australian government for having reversed global warming. Nature couldn’t have done it without the neurotic energy of clueless government officials.

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Global Warming To Mimic The Ice Age

http://www.upi.com/ 20,000 years ago was the peak of the  ice age.

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The World Loves Obama

He told us that all we needed to do was bow, make friends with foreign dictators, constantly apologize for everything, cut back our carbon emissions, and shut down Guantanamo. That must be why he needs to bring 34 warships to … Continue reading

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The Virginia Triangle

♥ “Virginia is for Warmers”  ♥ Yet another location near Washington D.C. where USHCN has converted a cooling trend into a warming trend. Like Lincoln, Dale Enterprise VA shows a steep cooling trend (blue line) after 1990. And also like … Continue reading

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“A small increase in average temperature will kill most of the human race”


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“Fruits, Nuts And Flakes”


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Racism In The 1960s

A favorite argument of 1960s racists to block integrated neighborhoods went like this : “We can’t say that this particular crime was committed by minorities, but as more minorities move into the neighborhood we predict that these types of crimes … Continue reading

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More USHCN Comedy in D.C.

As if the Lincoln, Virginia USHCN comedy wasn’t enough fun, this story gets even better. The next closest station to Washington D.C. is at Fredericksburg, Virginia, about 50 km to the south. Like Lincoln, the USHCN Fredericksburg adjusted graph shows … Continue reading

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