Failed Coup Attempt

February 9, 2009 – A few weeks before the first tea party rallies.


“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

– Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto WWII

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13 Responses to Failed Coup Attempt

  1. serioussam says:

    Yea this blog is “Real Science”.

    Quick someone mention socialism!

  2. suyts says:

    Lenin on “How to attack the west” –
    “Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in
    sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness.Get control of all
    means of publicity and thereby: Get the peoples’ mind off their
    government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and
    plays, and other trivialities. Divide the people into hostile groups by
    constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. Destroy
    the peoples faith in their natural leaders by holding up the latter to
    ridicule, contempt and obloquy. Always preach true democracy but seize
    power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. Encourage government
    extravagance, destroy its credit, produce fear with rising prices,
    inflation and general discontent. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital
    industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a soft and lenient
    attitude on the part of government towards such disorders. By specious
    argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty,
    sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness. Cause the
    registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view that
    confiscating them would leave the population defenseless.”

    Vladimir Ilich Lenin

    • Mike Davis says:

      JFK took all that into consideration and most of the democrats that followed. Now days they call themselves “Progressives” which by their definition means the opposite for others that do not agree. It is progress towards lack of freedom and more government control.
      Looking further back in history there are other obvious trends that can be followed in government activities leading to where we are today.
      This form of Civilization will be replaced by something someday as people are being taught to be really good sheep to allow others to think for them.

    • Tony Duncan says:

      Wow Mike,

      You certainly exactly fulfilled my expectations about you political beliefs.
      Now are you one of those conservatives that think MLK was a communist or that new breed that says he was a republican because it was republicans that championed civil rights?

      • Sundance says:

        I’m sorry Tony under the new government paradigm you will only be allowed to have two balls to juggle and you will be required to register your balls. Any violation will lead to the removal of your balls from your possession and immediate imprisonment. It is for the good of the motherland.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    I just lived through that time and saw the Civil Rights movement promote the separation of races rather than what they were promoting which was true integration of humanity. I see that continuing even today with ethnic labels.
    Actually I consider myself a realist. I see historically the whole of humanity originated in one region of Equatorial Africa about 60 thousand years ago and have been practicing segregation / tribalism ever since moving out of Africa. MLK was probably not misguided in his dreams but the followers have corrupted what he claimed was his goal.
    I am technically Color Blind and see people as people and am saddened by the tribalism that is being promoted even in this advanced state of civilization.

    • Mike Davis says:

      Correct first sentence to insert Civil Rights Movement “CLAIMED” they were promoting true integration.

    • bruce says:

      Seeing people based on their worth rather than ascribing significance to them based on color.
      Current policy in the USA bases everything on color. So we give virtual free rides for failure behavior and overlook the good. In fact some policies make failure behavior the example to which one should ascribe.

  4. Geezer1 says:

    Amen, Mike.

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