WWF : The Islands Are Drowning

NOAA keeps track of sea level on thirteen islands around the world. The graph above shows their reported sea level rise rates in mm/year. The pink area shows the IPCC range of projected sea level rise 19-59 cm /century.

The average sea level rise rate on island locations is 1.22 mm/year, which is well below the low end of IPCC projections.

Even if there was no accretion of new material on these islands, it would take over 800 years for sea level to rise one metre, and 4,000 years to reach Hansen’s five metres.

Tuvalu thinks they can stop the seas by using renewable energy. Besides the obvious effect of the token actions of a couple hundred people on the global climate, it should also lower their tropical heating bills.



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8 Responses to WWF : The Islands Are Drowning

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Overpopulation and misuse of natural resources are the main problems in the South Pacific region or Oceania if you will. Before civilization the went to war and tried to adapt to natural extremes. With modernization comes extended life spans and lower mortality due to natural extremes as a result of better lifestyles.
    What I also find interesting is the number of island nations that have been conquered by Islam. The war of oppression by Islamic forces went so quietly that it was ignored and the war is not yet over. Communism has learned a lesson from it loss of battles in some areas but that war continues with whatever new name being used gaining in power. I do think the end battle will be between a form of communism and Islam because personal freedom is, and has been, eroding for years.

  2. Geezer1 says:

    so, pray tell, how is having 100% clean energy going to change the king tides that are causing the problem to begin with. Oh, I know, when we are all 100% green we won’t have more climate problems. NOT!!!!!!!!

  3. Jack Savage says:

    Oh dear. Have just done a little research into Tuvalu and I would predict that the place will wither and die long before sea level rises become a problem,if they ever do.
    No resources, hardly any cultivable land. No tourism. The place has been completely dependant on handouts for years. I am finding it hard to blame them for clutching at this particular straw. You have to admire their government for elbowing their way to the front of the queue on this one.
    The slow death of island monocultures seems to be inevitable. Maybe it is even desirable…I mean we would not want to deprive them of all the “benefits” of our society, would we? It is one of those questions which just does not have a right answer. Sad.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    There is no problem at all.
    The government adapted and organized an underwater conference.
    No body drowned and al went well.

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  6. omnologos says:

    “king tides have become increasingly damaging over the past 10 years”…is 10 years enough to talk about climate then?

    And does anybody know of any scientific paper making that claim about “king tides” in Tuvalu or anywhere else?

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