A Low Tech Solution To A High Tech Problem

Here is the problem :


Here is the solution :

The Mosin Nagant was used by WWII Soviet snipers, like Vasily Zaitsev – who killed at least 242 Nazis in Stalingrad.

You can purchase a Mosin for $100 and get bulk Soviet 7.62×54  ammo for about $0.25 a round. Make sure you take your personal drone to a safe location before sharing the love.

Never shoot a rifle up in the air.

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16 Responses to A Low Tech Solution To A High Tech Problem

  1. Mike Davis says:

    A Rem 870, Mossy 590, or a mossy 835 super mag with bird shot would make it easier to hit the drone.
    The 835 has the advantage of being able to throw a bit more lead raster out of a 3.5 inch shell.
    I prefer pump over bolt and a used 500 or 870 can be found in the 100 dollar range. The scatter gun is a more versatile weapon than one which uses a set sized projectile bt the collateral damage is greater also! I settled for 5.56 and get surplus for between 20 and 25 cents bulk in battle packs.

  2. Erik says:

    Yes a 5,56 will do nicely, my take: Ruger Mini 14 + EOTech holo (1″ MAO dot)

    • Mike Davis says:

      I could discuss pros and cons of tools used to get projectiles to the point of aim all day long but that is not the thread of discussion. I think. it may be !
      I will add my choice is a Sig 556 Patrol Swat with a 4X32 ACOG. I like the EOTECH but eye site makes the magnification of the ACOG a better option for me. Without magnification it was difficult to center at 200 yards.
      Sorry Steven if this is to far OT!
      I have an EOTECH on my Mossy 835 with a rifled barrel.

      • Last night I tried shooting some supersonic pellets into slab of rump roast. They penetrated two inches and left a hole about 1/4″ in diameter. Consistently hit a one inch circle at 50 feet. I was using a $30 BB Gun scope.

        Definitely not a toy.

      • Erik says:

        I just loved the old style Sig 551-552 but could not get an permit here in Denmark, thats why I had to settle for a Mini 14 – can’t get a permit for any handgun over cal .357 either – Help! I’m Being Suppressed!

        Could be worse – fell very sorry for my English bro’s

  3. Erik says:

    ..ehhh better make that “MOA”

  4. Erik says:

    ..but it would be overkill, a silenced PCP Semi auto would be much more sensible, 32 ft/lbs should do it

    Fx Monsoon

    Or my favorite, Fx Revolution

  5. John Silver says:

    Nah, 40 mm Bofors or a Phalanx.

  6. Tom Bakewell says:

    This could be fun..

    Maybe a sound seeking drone device that shoots a bunch of paint balls in a shotgun pattern? Fewer problems with fall out. Or something that shoots that string stuff from an aerosol can? How about jamming whatever radio channels are in use to control the pesky sky spy. Or using a laser.

  7. M White says:

    An RF jammer would be far more effective.

  8. Alan S. Blue says:

    Arm your drone with a super soaker.

  9. peterhodges says:

    i was going to say i have built a better drone than that 😉

    while i love the mosin and the 7.62×54 (89.98 and j and g sales!)

    a shotgun is what you need to go birding…here is my preferred zombie mower…

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