Early Climate Pioneer : Vincent Van Gogh

Crops that reflect sunlight could offset global warming, scientists claimPlanting ”climate friendly” crops that reflect sunlight could help offset the effects of global warming, a study suggests.

Different strains of crops such as wheat have significantly different levels of reflectivity, or albedo, say scientists


Van Gogh saw this coming, but apparently he thought that wheat was green during the summer.

I’m planning on covering my roof with a layer of white snow next week, which will hopefully help keep my house cool during the winter.

I forgot. Why is it again that I want to keep cold in the winter?

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2 Responses to Early Climate Pioneer : Vincent Van Gogh

  1. Charles Higley says:

    How about a BS trading scheme, or a BS cap-n-trade?

    They are so good at producing BS, we should at least tax it!

    We can label goods as “BS-friendly.”

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I use tree locations to control the amount of sun light reaching my house in the afternoons. For some reason I thought I wanted more shade in the Summer and less shade in the Winter. I guess I blew it! On a sunny day I can have it 40f warmer in the house without burning wood in the stove during the winter. Most sunny days I have to open windows to allow it to cool. Deciduous trees are great and pines in the right place block the sun. Willows and Sycamore have lighter leaves than Oak, Hickory, or Walnut. Poplar and Beech are sort of in between. Of course that is just personal opinion. I did not use a light meter to check reflectivity. 😉

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