Americans Migrating South To Escape Global Warming

Americans are moving by the millions to hotter climates, in order to escape global warming in the north.

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7 Responses to Americans Migrating South To Escape Global Warming

  1. Myron Mesecke says:

    It’s worse than we thought! The global warming is making people delirious and making them move toward the heat.

  2. glacierman says:

    They all say Hansen’s GISS extrapolations of arctic temps and figured they would be safer moving south.

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    Oh please. We have enough people from up north here in NC. Please stay where you are. It’s a southern thing I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.

    • Sundance says:

      Mike it sounds like you already know the difference between a yankee and a damn yankee? A yankee goes home after a visit to the South. A damn yankee moves down here.

      • MikeTheDenier says:

        Yes, I know the difference all too well, and yes, there are way too many DAMN yankees down here with their warped views on how we should live our lives. :-0

  4. peterhodges says:

    well count me in…i changed latitude to escape the dark and cold

    even at 2500 meters the weather is still better than up north

  5. says:

    If you read the article it finds that people are not moving to the south for the weather, they are moving because of greater access to house.

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