Illinois Winters Show No Warming Over The Past Century

Last winter was the 15th coldest on record.

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6 Responses to Illinois Winters Show No Warming Over The Past Century

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Cherry picking again. When are you going to learn Steve? 🙂

  2. Geezer1 says:

    How can this be? We know according to the climate Nazi’s that we are warming at a rate of 2 – 4 degrees per century. Goddard, you must have cherry picked the data.


  3. Sundance says:

    I worked outdoors in Chicago in the late seventies during the winter (see above chart). Most notable was a night shift I did where temps dipped beneath -70F degrees with windchill. I also worked one summer insulating steam pipes in a power plant (yes I’m one of those idiots who doesn’t think the world owes me) to pay my way through school. That environment was +135F degrees. It’s funny how I remember things like not feeling my toes in the -70F extreme cold and exiting the +135F power plant where I immediately began to shiver in the +87F outdoor Sunlight. I guess back then that was my version of climate change.

  4. peterhodges says:

    steve you never learn.

    you keep posting up real data like it means something.

    real climatologists first add value, then adjust, then homogenize.

    you must know the raw data can’t be right.

    especially, if it shows no warming

  5. But a Northwestern University report said “Heat-related deaths, the spread of infectious diseases and the threat of natural disasters in Chicago could skyrocket in the coming decades unless greenhouse gas emissions are curbed.”

    And Chu said the temperatures will increase 5 – 10 degrees there.

    While the summers there have been cooling for decades.

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