The science behind global warming

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4 Responses to The science behind global warming

  1. Erik says:

    “If tilt were the only factor, the Earth would be heading now possibly towards a new ice age, because the spin axis is straightening up. However, this will not happen because the effect of the tilt is overwhelmed by the extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, boosted by other feedback effects.”

    Tank you feedback’s – I hate them ice ages

    • Erik says:

      Grandpa Simpson: “I’m cold, and there are wolves after me!

    • Mike Davis says:

      The Earth is and has been cooling towards another Glacial Maximum for about 5 thousand years. Of course with cherry picking dates that only include part of natural variations you can find extreme warming of cooling.

  2. John Douglas Swallow says:

    It is not strange how this author of this “total explanation of anthropogenic global warming” failed to mention that CO2 is a trace gas that makes up a minuscule .038% of the total atmosphere and that during the medieval optimum there was little to no burning of the “dreaded” fossil fuels and the temperature then was much higher than now only to be followed by a mini-ice age, or have none of you ever heard of it?

    Why don’t you envision the earth’s population in a world with out the use of fossil fuels and see if it is one you think that you can exist in with the degree of comfort that you now enjoy.

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