Global Warming “is OUR Iraq War of lies and fear”

I can’t do this anymore, this climate change hysteria. And I consider myself both progressive and a liberal too, so hear me out. I found out what “they” all agree on, they agree that the effects of CO2 are predicted to be anywhere from unstoppable warming, to no noticeable effects at all. No wonder they all agreed. And it’s been 24 years. We look like we WANT this climate hell to happen. We have been had folks. This is OUR Iraq War of lies and fear. I’m both embarrassed and ashamed for endorsing this CO2 mistake through two and a half decades of dire warnings of doom and Armageddon.. But I was too much of a climate coward to actually say out loud: THE END IS NEAR. Because it’s exactly the same thing! I actually gave my kids CO2 death threats. Why? Why did I do this for so long? Let history know that this responsible environmentalist is now a Green Climate Change Denier.

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18 Responses to Global Warming “is OUR Iraq War of lies and fear”

  1. R. de Haan says:

    In the mean time Gore’s AGW crap is used in education programs all over the world.

    • It will take decades to undo the damage that man has done to the psyche of millions of children.

      • co2insanity says:

        I agree, but not mine. I raised two sons and a daughter to have a good dose of skepticism about everything and to abide by the sage “if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.” I occasionally still have to bring them back to reality but they generally get the idea not to buy into BS without checking into it.

        It works well when parents actually participate. My eldest son used to tell me he was going to high school to get his daily propaganda. This was his own idea, not mine.

        The first time I heard that one I had a large smile.

  2. sunsettommy says:

    I made a comment there blasting them for opposing Nuclear energy production.

    I am surprised that Mother Earth allowed this post in the first place.

    But this line makes me wonder what he really thinks:

    “Why? Why did I do this for so long? Let history know that this responsible environmentalist is now a Green Climate Change Denier.”

    Green Climate Change Denier?

    I wonder if he is putting us on?

    • peterhodges says:

      well people have to be waking up to fact that none of the dire predictions are happening…that is in fact getting colder. (even though climatologers blame many signs of cooling on AGW) and even your most cognitive-dissonance numbed mind will tire of the perpetual shrieking of contradictory catastrophes.

      i bought the basic global warming narrative until climate gate made me look at the facts myself.

      and you would think more so-called progressives and liberals would eventually realise that carbon cap and trade is just a scam to fatten bankers and the oil companies, while doing nothing to reduce actual CO2.

      • Robert of Ottawa says:

        Dire predictions are occuring. But the predictions do not come true. One thing I can say correctly is that the planet is spinning out of control …. really …. think about it 🙂

    • Thon Brocket says:

      sunsettommy: “I am surprised that Mother Earth allowed this post in the first place.”

      Actually, whatever else about MOJO, they don’t censor, unlike most of the warmy sites. I’ve been posting there, on and off for a few months now, and being, I own, pretty offensive and obnoxious on occasion, really pushing my luck and expecting to get chopped. Didn’t happan. They were cool that way.

      For a real Stalinist comments policy, try DeSmogBlog, though.

  3. suyts says:

    Well, it is just one convert, but at least its on Mother Jones! That’s gotta hurt!

  4. This post might interest…
    IPCC science: are you willing to take the risk?
    “Applying the same laser like precision of the climate models to eye surgery in 7 out of 15 cases IPCC climate scientists as laser surgeons would blind the left eye, while in 8 out of 15 cases they would blind the right.”

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Branding of science dissenters in Germany has begun clearing the path to a climate science pogrom.

    • suyts says:

      Of course, its deplorable, the tactics those loony tunes are trying to employ, but I think it is time to change tactics ourselves. They’re down, its time to kick them. Here’s what I wrote on the site you linked, ……..

      lol, that’s funny! First, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call him Dr. Singer, and secondly, are their heads so buried in the sand that they believe Dr. Singer is the singular most threat to their ideology? Dr. Singer is but one voice, and nowhere near the loudest nor the most compelling. So, let them concentrate on Dr. Singer. And while their concentration is diverted to an almost unheard voice, smack them in the teeth with M&M and Watts, and Lindzen, and Spencer, CRU letters and Dr. Hal Lewis! Then, while their reeling from that, kick them with the fact that we haven’t warmed since 2002 or so, and then politely ask them for proof of funding from any of the previous mentioned individuals. Of course, there are more, many more. Heck, throw Judith Curry at them!

      Of course, I probably should have also mentioned some of Steve Goddard’s posts, too, but that goes without saying!

    • Thon Brocket says:

      Don’t for a moment believe we’re winning this thing. The prize for the states of the world is greater power over us and the concomitant increase in the revenue they can beat out of us. That accords perfectly with the real reason for the existence of the state – the progressive aggrandisement of those in power. So “climate change”‘ offers the state far too great an opportunity to be frustrated by the minor embarrassments of Climategate and Pachauri’s IPCC. They will simply become more focussed and determined, and nastier about it – as we see with this German development. The state is not your friend.

      The sceptics have won a few skirmishes. Let’s not delude ourselves – we’re not winning the war.

  6. Greg says:

    The biggest polluter in USA is the government

  7. cleanwater says:

    To protect ourselfs from the insanity of the EPA we must get Obama out of office.The best way to get Obama out of office is to write to your State Board of Elections and tell them “because they did not get proper certification of the Constitutional Eligibility of Obama that they should decertify the 2008 election vote.”
    No one has seen Obama’s real birth certificate even if he was born in Hawaii.
    The president is the appointee of the States and is only there because the state electoral college chooses him. Therefore if the States choose to decertify their vote because the candidate did not prove that he met the qualification set forth in the Constitution , the states can and should decertify the 2008 presidential election.

  8. B.Stockwell says:

    Likewise ( and then some!) to mememine. I, too, was a lifelong liberal Democrat and have always and still regard myself as a responsible, environmentally concerned citizen. However, I have made some major political changes: dropped my party, follow all new information from the so-called skeptics. I have read the CRUtape Letters (bought the book) and all the good science that indicates the world is NOT ENDING anytime in the immediate future. At least it is not ending because of CO2 emissions or global warming. CO2 is our friend and warm is good. People die from cold! I will be glad to see Michael Mann, Phil from the CRU, and others of their ilk be totally discredited. Global warming has been the scam of the past century but hopefully, not of this one.

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