How Many Angels?

Green shows areas of ice gain since 2007. Brown shows deficiencies below the 1979-2000 mean. Pink shows areas where there was more ice in 2007.

There is very little year over year variation the rest of the winter (except in John Holdren’s fantasy world) because the Arctic Ocean is basically full of ice. NSIDC shows a little more ice than last winter.

DMI shows more ice than 2006, 2007 or 2009.

Ice extent growth will be much slower the rest of the winter – because you can’t grow sea ice on land.

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5 Responses to How Many Angels?

  1. Lazarus says:

    “Ice extent growth will be much slower the rest of the winter – because you can’t grow sea ice on land. ”

    Has the land grown since the 1979-2000 average?

  2. Tony Duncan says:

    And of course sea ice volume is of no importance. Since sea water freezes when it gets cold out , as long as the Arctic gets cold in the winter (cue Hansen quote. “by 2010 you won;t need a sweater in the arctic in winter”) ice will form there.
    And what brilliant deductive work. look at temp related effects of climate change over a four year period, and you can determine the insanity of climate change.

    • Tony,

      I have probably written four or five dozen articles on sea ice volume. You show up late, read one about area, and decide you are an expert on what we are discussing.

      Not very impressive.

  3. Tony Duncan says:

    I am feeling chilly in here.

    BTW do you know how to fix the random denier refutation generator?
    I am starting to have to throw out the comments it spits out that start with “Hansen is God…” I figure after the third one people might start catching on.

  4. Tony Duncan says:

    Steve, not trying to impress you.
    And if I am wrong show me. You have posted links to scientific papers or data that show sea ice volume increasing over the last 30 years, or even 5 or 10?

    You post so much it is impossible to keep up. I am sorry that I did not read every single post and comment on your site before I jumped into the fray.

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