Arctic Temperatures Below Normal

This has been the coldest autumn in the high Arctic since 2004, after the coldest summer on record.

Hansen’s claim that it is the “hottest year ever” are based on his imaginary Arctic temperatures.

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13 Responses to Arctic Temperatures Below Normal

  1. Espen says:

    Last November was waay above “normal” (i.e. the mean of the quite cold period 1961-1990…) on Spitsbergen, this November is so far slightly below normal:

  2. AndyW says:

    Why does that graph get so spiky away from the summer?


    • In summer, it is buffered by the latent heat of melting. Once it freezes over, it changes with air masses.

      Here in Colorado, temperatures have dropped 50 degrees in three days.

      • Mike Davis says:

        At that rate you will set a new record in less than 3 more days and soon you will reach the freezing temperature of Nitrogen.

      • Mike Davis says:

        How long before the Glacier begin to cover Boulder and UCAR?

      • Where in CO are you located ? I did a PSSC style PingPong ball experiment when I first got out here a third of the way up in the atmosphere above Colorado Springs to show that albedo per se has no effect on equilibrium temperature of balls sitting in the sun .

        Our temperature commonly varies 20c from day to night .

        There are enough of us here in CO that it would be fun to have a gathering .

  3. MrCannucistan says:

    I’m sorry, but isn’t the red line the temperature and the green line considered normal?

    It would appear that with the exception of the summer months where the temps go over the freezing point (the blue line), most of the time the temperature line is above the green normal line. There are a couple of dips last winter and then in late May it moves a little below normal for the summer. Then around mid August it once again climbs above normal until recently.

    What am I missing here? Are we looking at the same graph?


    • So where do you see a conflict with what I am saying?

      • MrCannucistan says:

        Where I see a conflict is with the title. To me it broadly implies that temps this year in the arctic have been consistently below normal. But the context that you provide is a graph of this year’s temps. And looking at that graph it appears that temps have only been below normal for about 100 days of the 300+ for this year.

        Your statements about this fall compared to the last five seems correct if the reader takes the time to check. And I agree with you about James “Homer Simpson” Hansen. D’oh!! He and all the others that try stunts like stretching temps across a thousand or more miles should be called to account. It’s just bad science.

        I like reading your blog as it points out the absurdity of the climate science community and how it flies in the face of common sense. I am not anti-science (as either side will claim when someone questions their statements). What I am is anti bullshit partisan hackery. Misleading language and weasely words on both sides need to be eliminated.

        Keep up the good work.


  4. Lex says:

    I’m not a scientist so like I’m 5 someone plz explain this graph cause all I see is is below absolute zero temperatures on Earth and I doubt that I woke up in an alternative universe.

  5. molesunlimited says:

    Possibly you are confused between degrees celsius and degrees kelvin. The temperature scale is degrees kelvin. None are shown below “absolute zero” that on the kelvin scale is 0 K.
    273 K is the same as 0 degrees C or, if you prefer, the freezing point of pure water – as opposed to seawater, but that’s another story.


  6. The truth shall set you free! There are no global warming! C02 is not a greenhousegas, C02 has no effect on climate whatsoever. Our world is cooling and has been cooling since 1998 and the glaciers are growing, the arctic ice is growing at the size of Manhattan every one and a half our (oh yes they do!). Where are the category 5 hurricanes, where are your rising sea-level, where are your “unconvenient truth”. Once again, stop believe in a non-existent global warming, leave those fairy tales to the trashcan of history! The truth shall set you free from warm-mongery!

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