Are Climate Scientists Really As Clueless As They Claim?

HadCrut is the black line in the graph above. For the ENSO five year running mean, dominantly El Niño periods are shown in red, and dominantly La Niña periods are shown in blue.

Everybody understands that temperatures warm up during El Niño, and they cool down during La Niña. Looking at the ENSO graph, it is painfully obvious what drove  the post 1975 warming, and what caused the earlier cooling. When the Pacific Ocean is warm, the world is warm.

So why do climate scientists remain in denial?

Jackson noted that when researchers remove greenhouse gases from the climate models, leaving behind all the known natural sources of variability, the observed warming over the last century evaporates.

Are they really claiming that they don’t know about ENSO or the PDO?

HadCrut in black. PDO in red/blue.

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18 Responses to Are Climate Scientists Really As Clueless As They Claim?

  1. Mike Davis says:

    That is exactly what they are claiming! However when if suits their agenda and covers their A##es they claim natural variations contribute some cooling to restrict expected warming. It is all in the weasel words used! Some equals a percentage between 1 and 99.9 percent when it comes to natural contributions. This is why some claim no one denies natural variations are happening. They just are clueless to the true extent of natural long term weather patterns. Mental Myopia!
    The Peyote Hunters are looking for where their Peyote disappeared to. Now we know what the Climatologists have been chewing to get their results.

  2. Martin C says:

    I have stared commenting on these U Texas series posts so far to challenge their claims. Not that I am an expert, but I am going to point out things I have learned about the PDO, ENSO, solar activity, info from Dr. Spencer’s website, Dr. Pielke Sr., WUWT, and so on.

    Even though we should be seeing the CAGW crashing, there STILL is a lot of ‘resistance’ by the ‘CAGW faithful to keep it going.

  3. Martin C says:

    . . oops, the third word should be ‘started’, not ‘stared’ . DOH !

  4. Mike Davis says:

    I think we are Dumbfounded when we see the level of brilliance coming out of our universities. Stared would be a proper reaction. I used to do that a lot, When I heard examples of educated brilliance, while stating:
    You Say WHAT!!!! Scratching your head at the same time usually gets the point across.

  5. major says:

    The art of climate propaganda is to make a few prominent dissemblers project that they are speaking for all climate scientists. The real climate scientists are not given any bully pulpits to dispute the falsehoods. To make this complete key respected scientific organizations were either promised huge profits if the climate hoax was successful or were infiltrated by environmental wackjobs at the top, come in strong support of the bogus theory. Some of these are Scientific American, National Geographic, NASA, Nature, The Weather Channel, NPR, The UN and numerous others. With this kind of weight they hoped to turn the trick. But thanks to courageous individuals and the exposure of the lies, its rapidly slipping away from the Global Warming con artists, thank God.

  6. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    remove greenhouse gases…..the observed warming over the last century evaporates

    Well, duh. You can erase all warming anytime without them greenhouse gases. Funny how they word those things. If you say removing greenhouse gases won’t erase warming then they gotcha! So we’re supposed to fall into the trap of saying, “I do agree, greenhouse gases cause warming”.

    Oh, but wait, “Greenhouse gases are pollution. We know that.” That’s what Lisa Jackson told us. So let’s get going on removing those pollutants from the atmosphere! Because right now greenhouse gases are making the atmosphere the same as Lake Erie in the 60’s!

  7. Leon Brozyna says:

    And these are the scientists living the good life on the taxpayers’ dimes, invoking the circular logic of a computer program with CO2 shown to warm the climate. Then they take out the CO2 from the program when they backcast and lo and behold, they can prove that the climate would have been cooler than it’s been of late.

  8. laurie says:

    “money makes the vorld go round . . . . the vorld go round . . .”
    “money makes the vorld go round . . . . the vorld go round . . .”

    and man makes climate change. . . . when it’s all said and done they will say:
    “we were just testing you . . . .”

  9. Cynthia Lauren Thorpe says:

    Thanks, Laurie. Well said.

    Here’s the latest ‘funny’/’veeeerrry interesting points I saw yesterday!

    1. If one takes a ‘break’ (say 10 minutes or so) from these climate shenanigans
    and googles ‘The Fabian Socialist stained glass Window’ one finds men ‘firing’ a
    globe in man-made furnace. As the globe glows, there’s a BIG HAMMER hanging
    precariously OVER the globe in order to ‘hammer it into the shape they want’.
    It’s the CLEAR Fabian Socialist Agenda for all to see, hidden in the open as it were.
    WHY do they support false climate change/warming/biodiversity? Because it is
    a means to an end. Their end. It’s MY prayer it’ll soon be ‘THE END’ of their little
    egotistical games they’re playing with ‘global society at large’.

    Secondly ~ just look at George Soros last name. (This is REALLY cute!) Just substitute the ‘S’s with dollar signs and ‘WHAMMO’ BATMAN! You’ve got ORO!!!
    Which we all should begin to know is the word, “GOLD” both forwards AND backwards, in Spanish…(am I allowed to SAY SPANISH? Should I say ~ Latino???!)
    Regardless, all clear thinking humans can see what THAT game is and by whom it’s
    being played. Mr. “GOLD”??? $ORO$ with a GOD COMPLEX TO BOOT???

    Frankly guys ~ this is more entertaining than my favorite BATMAN episode featuring the original Adam West.

    Hope this little commercial break from their climate hysteria has given you something to think about. The facts are that if ANY OF US think that humans can change the climate for better or for ill ~ WE ALL ARE TRYING TO BECOME GOD. And, we should “Get a life” as my brother in Atlanta would say.

    Cynthia Lauren

    • Tony Duncan says:

      Congrats Cynthia,

      You have outbecked, Glenn Beck. Not an easy thing to do!
      Wait, DID Glenn Beck Say this?
      No couldn’t have because he wants everyone to buy gold so he can get richer still!

  10. lapogus says:

    This short post on the recent David Whitehouse thread on WUWT kind of says it all, in 3 graphs and a photo:

    Robuk says:
    November 9, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    And then there is the UHI effect, is there room for CO2.

  11. John of Cloverdale WA (Australia) says:

    “all the known natural sources of variability”. Does that mean there are some unknown variables the boffins don’t know of? As complex as the earth is and its planetary relationship with the sun and solar influences, I would be surprised that they got all dem damn variables in da equation. Now man generated CO2 is a miniscule amount to naturally produced CO2, but they (the boffins) have multiplied that many times (some crap called forcing) to try to explain warming since 1850, while ignoring a naturally occurring warming trend since the last ice age.
    Now I understand we had a cooling phase in the seventies, when these boffins and the MSM were trying to scare us about another ice age. What happened during that time to this accelerating man made CO2? Did it go on a vacation to Mars or something?
    Also another point, the climate models they use cover about 160 years in the earth’s existence of 4.5 billion years. Duh guys, that is covering something like 3.5×10 to the -8th of all climate history. So logically, if they say they have all those known variables covered, then their models will show the climate changes of the last 4.5 billion years.
    Come on you modellers, the geologists have done all the work for you with real data, so you show me, at least, how your model fits at least all the climate changes in say the Tertiary. Bet you can’t you fraudsters!

  12. Louis Hissink says:


    All climate models start with the assumption of climate sensitivity, 2 x CO2 ==> rise in T as an axiom. Remove CO2 from the equation and of course the warming disappears – d’oh.

    In any case the theory is incomplete.

  13. Cynthia Lauren Thorpe says:

    Nawww…Tony… But, I do understand the thought, nonetheless.

    The funniest/weirdest thing about Glenn Beck an’ I is that I’d not ever listened to him and just barely known who he was, and THEN… (cue the eerie music, please) I woke up
    in the middle of the night with the thought: PRAY FOR GLENN BECK.

    At first, I chalked it up to having my popcorn too late, etc… but, the feeling I had was so moving that I woke Ian (yes. I’m married to Ian Thorpe, but this guy is the ‘original’ and 56 years of age an’ my Aussie Farmer Love) and said: We’ve GOTTA pray for Glenn Beck! (Fortunately for me, Ian agreed while still half asleep.)

    So ~ as this truthful story goes… I woke in the morning and thought I may as well tune in to Fox News (channel 604 on Austar) and see if he was okay. The fact???
    He’d been wisked off to hospital with a ruptured appendix, of all things.

    So, Tony. That was the day/night, rather ~ that I began watching and praying for Glenn Beck. I was a bit freaked at first, ’cause he professes Mormonism, and knowing them as I do (lived in SLC for 15 years) I was a bit skeptical, of course. (The wanting to be gods, thing, right?) But, I since found out that Beck only succumbed to the religion to marry his sweetheart…and many guys will do anything for that, right? But, Beck ~ having been an alcoholic, you see… had to meet ‘his Maker’ in a different, less
    commercial way. Like…being found in a fetal position on the floor retching his guts out… So ~ I began to understand that Beck is a TRUE believer and once one has been humbled like he has, when accepting God’s help, well ~ the thought goes, we’re all human, but God loves us regardless, right???

    So ~ all said and done, I do most mornings, watch his shows, and wish they’d be two hours of honesty rather than just one; and last week he showed the famed Fabian Socialist Window. (He wasn’t talking about AGW, either) And, when I saw the window (the real photo has Blair standing to the right of it, p.s.) I had a tiny little epiphany

    Like, I ‘saw’ the ‘globe’ being heated up, and while thankfully these morons can’t heat it up literally ~ (the words THANK YOU JESUS, come to mind…) I thought, gee… since they can’t heat it up above a blast furnace, as they wish… They just contrive data, buy people to prostitute themselves as ‘experts’, and wage war against us as the Monty Python ‘serfs’ they think we all are. (ie: they’ve bought their own egotistical B.S., amazingly!)

    So…….Tony. While I’m still vehement about waking all of us up, globally, and NOT waging ‘war’ physically, of course……… we can, let’s say… wage a battle of the ‘wits’
    against them, before we end up like the poor old bloke who was still alive while they tossed him on the Death Cart in the Holy Grail.

    The funniest part is that I see George Soros (guess I should be praying for him, too) as ‘Sir Robin’. He likes all the attention as long as he’s seen as a benevolent squillionaire ~ but, the moment his mistrals begin singing the REAL TUNE about his bravery… He wants to eat them rather than endure the humiliation. Let’s unmask these fraudsters, guys. Let’s get out there and REALLY help those 3rd world countries by teaching them to dig wells, etc… rather than shoveling our tax dollars
    to petty dictators who only wanna follow in George’s footsteps, huh??? Anyboday out there with me??? Anybody want to do that AFTER Chris Monckton skewers them in Cancun??? Gosh. True philanthropy, after all this silliness would be a true blessing.

    Can’t wait till that day when we can all eventually meet, roll up our sleeves and work hard for others during the day and hang out by firelight in the evenings and share stories of true global intrigue.

    For, you see, Tony… I can’t for the LIFE of me understand why good humans are simply slated as martyrs because of their good hearts… Good humans should do what needs be done and then chip in to assist (NOT CARRY!) the rest of humanity.

    Gotta go help Ian shear our alpacas for summer….THAT’LL be a blast…..
    and when you think of it, pray for Beck, for Monckton, for Horowitz, and even eventually even for our little god-wanna-be elitists, like Blair, Gilliard, Rudd (he makes me wanna PUKE) and Hilliary Rodham, praying for the likes of them is a true ‘character enhancer’ once your stomach is empty. I’m really serious, here.

    Be Blessed, my Friends. What did the last Robin Hood quote say??? “Rise and rise again ~ until lambs become lions.” Yeah. Well said. Till we all become lions.

    C.L. Thorpe

  14. Corlyss says:

    No, of course the scientists ain’t dumb.

    Flacking AGW propaganda = $$$
    Skepticism = $0

    Many scientists can live quite comfortably on AGW for years to come because the proponents of junk science propaganda control all the public policy organs and funding organs.

  15. John McLean says:

    All this was described in a JGR paper that I wrote with professors Chris de Freitas and Bob Carter.

    McLean, J. D., C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. Carter (2009), Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature, J. Geophys. Res., 114, D14104, doi:10.1029/2008JD011637.

    Also take a look at my web site ( ) for a whole lot more about climate and the IPCC’s distorted view of things. A good start might be the document “We have been conned: an independent review of the IPCC”.

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