Frozen Turkey Day Forecast

We are already in the deep freeze in Colorado, and looks like it is going to get worse. I’m just glad I don’t live in Canada.


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6 Responses to Frozen Turkey Day Forecast

  1. Glen Shevlin says:

    we are used to it… we are after all Canadians, we are resonsible for all of your cold weather, drink real beer , curl, play hockey and wear touques… we can handle it…

    thank god for reduced rtes to Vegas

  2. PJB says:

    It is presently 10C, sunny with no wind. (180km north of Montreal, in the Laurentians at about 500 m elevation.)

    The local word for this is “heat wave”.

    I’ll have another helping of global warming, please.

    p.s. The local deer and moose hunters love it.

  3. Lance says:

    actually, CAGW just hit Western Canada, and they updated the graph to be in the -10 to -15 range instead…thankfully, i don’t know how we could have survived that on-slot…

  4. Lance says:

    PJB …
    10C for hunting…NOT….I prefer the -5C, cool off the critter(s) quickly…with a lit dusting of snow on the ground….

  5. Tony Duncan says:

    In Vt temps way above average. High of 61 ( I think that is probably fahrenheit, although if it is Kelvin I will jump to the denier side) today. Supposed to be in the low 40’s been in the 50’s all week, supposed to stay there. Has only gone below freezing a couple of times so far. And when i moved here 10 years ago we had 6 snows before Thanksgiving.
    I guess that proves global warming. But maybe people who DON’T believe in ACC make the weather colder, and those who do make it warmer? So if you can convince more and more people you will be proven right!
    That must be so because your map is off by at least 20° where I live.

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