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Climate Change Always Targets The Poor and Helpless

Sea level may not have risen at all in California for 30 years, but apparently the evil water is pooling up around the small Pacific Island States. (Send us money now, you dimwitted and gullible westerners.) http://www.nzherald.co.nz/

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Boulder researcher: Climate change could threaten wolverine

The shy and enigmatic wolverine — which can roam great distances across some of the harshest alpine environments — could be driven out of its last strongholds in the lower 48 states if emissions of greenhouse gases continue unabated, according … Continue reading

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Why Worry? Arctic Is Already Ice Free


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Why Worry? UN Says We Are Already Dead

Shaun Of The Dead June 30, 1989 A senior environmental official at the United Nations, Noel Brown, says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by … Continue reading

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Are Climate Scientists Really As Clueless As They Claim?

HadCrut is the black line in the graph above. For the ENSO five year running mean, dominantly El Niño periods are shown in red, and dominantly La Niña periods are shown in blue. Everybody understands that temperatures warm up during … Continue reading

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Oceans Turning Into Boiling Pits Of Acid

How much misinformation can you squeeze into one paragraph? We are already experiencing the effects of global warming that scientific studies have been predicting for several decades. The most threatening is the effect that it is having on the oceans, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Increases Hurricane Thresholds

With temperatures in the Pacific Ocean heating up, hurricane creating thresholds have risen, according to a new study released today. http://www.kitv.com/r/25764754/detail.html Looks pretty hot in the Pacific.    

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News Flash : Researchers Discover That Plants Like Warm Temperatures

BALBOA, Panama, Nov. 11 (UPI) — An abrupt global warming episode 56 million years ago led to an explosion of plant diversity in northern South America, Panamanian researchers say. A 9-degree Fahrenheit spike in temperatures during 10,000 years — a … Continue reading

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