Romm’s Readers Confess That Fear Of Global Warming Is Literally Ruining Their Lives

Shouting fire in a crowded theater is normally considered a crime.

Robert H says:

Puck said it best: “What fools these mortals be!”

My children, ages 34 and 32, both decided against having children. Though on many levels I am saddened by their decisions I believe that were I in their position I would, out of compassion and reason, have to make the same bitter choice.

Some European says:

@Robert H
I’m 25. My girlfriend and I have put our plans for children on hold. Until we see meaningful change. We consider the odds extremely low.
I can assure you it’s a heartbreaking choice.
I don’t know what to tell my sister. I haven’t exactly warned her yet, explicitly, but she can read my mind.
It’s so sad.
I wish we could just have a carefree life like your generation has had.

h/t to Marc Morano

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41 Responses to Romm’s Readers Confess That Fear Of Global Warming Is Literally Ruining Their Lives

  1. Mike Davis says:

    I see a definite need to reopen the mental asylums. These people need to be restrained. However joining the Darwin Award crowd is the proper way forward for Romm’s followers.
    I thought the last one was attempting to write comedy with the line “A carefree life like your generation”. I am trying to remember what was “Carefree” about it. It has been interesting and an experience I probably would not trade for one from a generation past or even one current. Carefree would be the last descriptive word I would use.
    “Eventful Learning Experience” is a better fit!

  2. PhilJourdan says:

    Alarmist are not happy unless they are miserable.

  3. Espen says:

    This is exactly why I’m so upset by the AGW scare! The doomsaysers are scaring the sh** out of children and young grown-ups! Unlike the Taminos and Romms of this world, I don’t think I have any definite answers (in fact my main skeptic point about climate science is that I think that global climate is far too complex to be modeled with any usable accuracy at this time), but there’s very little evidence that CAGW will ever happen.
    So I tell my children that humans have never had a better time on planet earth, with real and very measurable indicators like plummeting child mortality showing that things has gotten significantly better for every recent decade.
    When I was a teenager in the late seventies and a young man in the eighties, we were also scared, by the Malthusian idiots and by the prospect of the World War III (we were pretty sure it was inevitable when the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan), and a little later by the scare stories e.g. about exaggerated stories of all of the European forests supposedly dying. I even worried about AGW that early after Carl Sagan mentioned it in “Cosmos”… And in fact, I know people of my generation and maybe especially a few years older who did decide not to have kids.
    But fortunately, the optimist in me is stronger than the pessimist – and won 🙂

  4. Sandy Rham says:

    These people are rationalizing away the cost of children, they’d rather spend what they earn on themselves.

  5. Eyes Wide Open says:

    With regards to these fools deciding not to have children, it’s simply a matter of “evolution in action”!

  6. FedUp says:

    How sad will they be, when in 20 years AGW will have been exposed as a scam, and it’s too late for them to have children…

  7. Mike Davis says:

    In the 50s my step-father was an alarmist and we walked around wearing dosimeters because we lived less than a hundred miles from the Nevada Test Site where the BOMBS were being tested above ground. I remember watching the movie about the giant ants and going home to watch and wait for the ants to come marching across the Las Vegas Valley.
    Chicken Little can olny claim the sky is falling so many time before people realize the Chicken Littles of this world exaggerate or make up scare stories.

  8. Leon Brozyna says:

    So just who is the bigger idiot … those spewing the alarmist nonsense or those that swallow it hook, line, and sinker ? To the latter, my advise is to ignore the buffoons and just start getting busy …

    • _Jim says:

      I think they ‘feed’ on each other’s paranoia; one creates a market for the other.

      Remember, you DON’T ship to to the customer product they DON’T want.


  9. Jimmy says:

    “Alarmist are not happy unless they are miserable.”

    Environmentalists are not happy unless everbody else is miserable.

  10. Charles Higley says:

    Apparently Romm thinks that he is spouting science when he makes his dooms day predictions. I emailed him,

    The trick is that liars and alarmists are eventually tripped up by the truth. As you are now.
    You are becoming a classic joke.
    You know bloody well that CO2 cannot and does not warm the climate and that man’s tiny contribution is inconsequential. You have a political agenda—we know it and more and more people are learning of it.
    It may be time to fold you clown tent and steal away into the night. Or, just go away.

    His response,
    “Call your professors. Tell them to you’re turning your degree back in because you think science is just a conspiracy.
    Joseph Romm, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress”

    Typical ad hominem attack. Does Romm have any real degrees?

  11. Philip Finck says:

    Should I worry more about:
    a) global climate disruption
    b) a global depression or extended recession?

    I bet most folks on this site would pick b.

  12. suyts says:

    lol, their self removal from the gene pool is a good thing!

  13. Paul H says:

    The ironic thing is that you can guarantee these sad people all slag off BIG OIL but drive cars. They all have mobile phones, laptops, central heating at home, tellies in bedrooms, Nintendos, I Pods, fly on holiday and enjoy all the other benefits of the consumer society.

    To them the ” Problem” is somebody else’s fault.

  14. koz says:

    is there a way we can get the entire Democratic community to follow this guy!
    Conservatives will win by attrition

  15. M White says:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”

    This is what we in the west should fear.

    “Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story “

  16. PJB says:

    I look forward to telling my grand-children about the great global warming scare and how they were born in a time of unlimited opportunity and that despite their selfish parents, they, as the next generation, would be able to change everything and make it all better.

    Repeat as required.

    (Shampoo instructions for brain-washing.)

    There is a reason why children always ask questions.

  17. 1DandyTroll says:

    So now we have empirical proof that Panzer Pant Romm’s readers are completely frakking stupid bunch of morons, pardon the so called French, since it cannot be global warming that is ruining their life’s, since there hasn’t been any warming for the last decade, but instead the religious extremist Panzer Pant himself that is ruining their life’s.

    And it is easily proven: Stop reading Panzer Pant Romm’s puny little blog for a few month’s.

  18. B.Stockwell says:

    Hey Steven: You generally get a greater percentage of intelligent comments than some of the other sites. What is your secret? I do hope the true believers of AGW stop having children. It will certainly improve our gene pool. I get depressed about the current idiocies that abound, but the humor here does help.

  19. Chris F says:

    At the risk of sounding like a leftist I have to say that Joe Romm sounds very dangerous considering his readership and position. I’d like to see a major news outfit like Fox keep hammering home the hypocrisy of these charlatans who drive cars and heat and cool their huge homes. Word needs to get out on the airwaves how idiotic these people are so they can be laughed at in public and ridiculed into submission.

  20. Amos says:

    Oh guys seriously? These poseurs are not going to make any serious decisions about children based off AGW stupidity. They’re inner city liberals, they aren’t having kids anyway and are just using it as a momentary excuse to pose. It’s nonsense, I’m disappointed that you’re falling for it.

    It’s like these rich fools who declare that the world will be drowned by rising sea levels then buy expensive beach-front property, THEY DON’T REALLY BELIEVE ANY OF THIS CRAP.

  21. Justa Joe says:

    I read those comments a couple of days ago on the thread “Veterans Day, 2030” at that warmist blog. I was thinking about those comments and just how macabre and nihilistic the warmists must be, but then I thought about that if the poster was actually serious the net effect is just a few less moonbat offspring to plague the world.

  22. Eric says:


    As one of the generation who grew up under the very real threat of a global nuclear war the manufactured concerns over a non event like global warming truly ring very hollow.

  23. pyeatte says:

    Yes, these people not having children is just nature weeding out the gene pool. That’s ok, we can just have more to take up the slack.

  24. JS says:

    The field of psychology, and possibly even psychiatry, ought to see substantial advances thanks to the scare over CO2. First, the marvellous opportunity to generate hypotheses, and collect data, on how and why the scare spread so widely given the paucity of empirical evidence to support it. Second, the extensive drive to ‘share the fear’ with children in schools will produce waves of children disturbed and dismayed by their world as conveyed to them by their teachers and others. This too deserves much study, not least to help find ways to ameliorate the harm that has already been to these youngsters.

    The dominance of computer models as the main vehicle for the scare may well have been harmful for climate science, distracting participants away from the real world and long-established scientific disciplines in favour of messing around with complex code. Complex for our minds, hopelessly too simple for the atmosphere. So a boost to the mental and social sciences will be, perhaps, a consolation in these peculiar times.

  25. Scott says:

    One thing comes to mind …

    … Jonestown.

  26. Jack Savage says:

    My wife always just used to say she had a headache…..

    “Autre temps, autre moeurs” , as my dear old Dad used to say.

  27. rw says:

    Similar ‘testimonials’ were to be found after the Three Mile Island accident. when all of 50 curies of radioactivity were released (as I recall).

  28. Jimbo says:

    I saw a story on the BBC Panorama less than 10 years ago about global warming (dimming). I saw Hansen and some others warning us that unless manmade co2 was reduced in the atmosphere that we would all boil to death. I thought that there was no point in having kids and that we were all doomed!!! Then I did some searching and came accross the PETM, Younger Dryas termination, Holocene Climate Optimum, Roman Warm Period, Medieval Warm Period etc., and realised I’d been had.

    Click to access Zeebe_etal_ngeo578.pdf

  29. Carbonicus says:

    Shouldn’t we really be thanking these people for not reproducing? Is there a danger of world scarcity for this kind of view and intellect? Did I miss that study?

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  31. Robert G says:

    So the alarmist scam artist are going to stop breeding unless a change is made. Sounds like a good reason not to change anything at all.

  32. _Jim says:

    Hmmm … Idiocracy times 10.

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