Arctic Commercial Shipping Update

Temperatures are -25C and the Arctic Ocean is full of ice for thousands of miles.

Green represents areas where ice is present in 2010 and wasn’t in 2007. Red shows the opposite.


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7 Responses to Arctic Commercial Shipping Update

  1. Mike Davis says:

    It is all rotten ice and a properly built Ice Breaker could easily push a decent path through it just like the sea goers in 800 to 1200 Ad were able to do without an ice breaker this time of year. I am still waiting for the tribe to provide satellite images from 1200AD so we can compare the ice extent.
    In the next few years they will probably be offering sleigh rides from Scandinavia to Iceland like they were able to do in the 1400s and 1500s.

  2. Lance says:

    and after the ice breaker works its way through, you can look out the stern and see proof of global warming! 🙂

  3. AndyW says:

    Looks like 2007 is above 2010 to me


    How did Chelsea do today?

    • So do you have a theory about how there could be more ice in the Arctic ocean this year?

      I haven’t seen any football this weekend, but it sounds like Chelsea sucked

      • AndyW says:

        More ice in Spring due to slow start to the melt season, more ice in Summer due to cool temps and less sunny days would be my summary.


  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    It doesn’t matter if ‘global warming’ predictions about the Northwest Passage are happening or not. Predictions from global warming scientists aren’t an issue. Anyone who keeps track of predictions from global warming scientists to see if they are happening or not is a pure ignoramus. There is a consensus, ‘Global Warming’ is happening.


    sarc off

    • Mike Davis says:

      You need to realize the reported results of ice extent are based on the assumption that 15%+ = 100% and ice area assumption is based on 30%+ = 100%. For me that would equal a possible error of up to 85% in end results that state XK sq. That means a claim of 10 Million kilometers square could be as small as 3 Million Kilometers square and be consistent with the reported results.
      That is my major issue with the reported sea ice but there remains the issue of resolution in the images taken by the satellites and used to determine the results. They are either degrading the current results to match historic images or the results can not be compared.
      The masking of the land areas has also been reconfigured to a finer resolution which again makes any claims of comparability through the last 30 years unjustified.

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