Ocean Temperatures Continue To Plummet

Anomalies over the last two months show a spectacular decline.

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7 Responses to Ocean Temperatures Continue To Plummet

  1. Espen says:

    The SST form UAH also is dropping again after a short blip above the 2007 levels:

  2. Bob Tisdale says:

    Steven: The map you posted was of sea surface temperature anomalies as you noted in the text, not ocean temperature, as your headline states. “Ocean temperature” is misleading because it implies the temperature of the ocean from surface to ocean floor.


    • Sea level has dropped at least 20 mm this year, indicating that ocean temperatures are declining.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I think Steven is attempting to conform to the consensus way of stating oceans are getting warmer when talking about SST tends in anomalies that are a result of properly adjusted historical records.
      Seeing how the settled consensus changes with each pronouncement it is difficult to keep abreast of current proper protocol when referring to variable definitions.

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