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Julienne Stroeve : Arctic Melt Since 1978 “cannot be easily explained away by natural variability”

Stroeve explains that highly reliable data on the extent of Arctic sea ice has been collected since 1978. From then until now, she has found clear evidence of a 30-year melting trend, which, she says, “cannot be easily explained away … Continue reading

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Puffington Host : World’s Most Serious Problem Isn’t A “Real Problem”

We cannot expect that the public will support change without understanding the reasons for it. But we cannot browbeat our way to a broader understanding of the science behind climate change and the benefits of taking action. We need to … Continue reading

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NCDC Graph Confirms : 1975-2005 Warming Identical To 1910-1940 Warming

h/t to Joe Romm NCDC shows that recent warming is identical to an earlier warming, when CO2 was much lower (310 ppm) and increasing slowly (3 ppm / decade.) The graph below overlays the earlier warming (red) on the recent … Continue reading

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Arnie Doubles Unemployment – Saves The Planet


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The World Collapsed Into Armageddon – And Nobody Noticed

You were just too ignorant to notice. ————————————————————————————- http://www.nytimes.com/

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Add Your Own Caption

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Phil Jones : Climate Science Misbehaviour Will Be Vindicated By Melting Arctic Ice


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