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158,429 Manhattans Of Sea Ice In The Arctic

“I’m not dead yet”

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Global Warming Makes LSU Professor Lose His Mind

Update : A more complete video has been released and it tells a very different story. My characterization below and the title of this article are incorrect. ———————————————————————- Check out this video. An LSU professor segregates his class by global … Continue reading

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Drought On The Decline

In 1934, 80% of the US experienced drought. Since then, the area of drought has declined dramatically. http://www.ogc.doc.gov/ Less than 20% of the country is experiencing drought at present.

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Arnie Still Worried About Global Warming

Temperatures in California have been well below normal this year, so with unemployment over 12%, Arnie continues his global warming crusade. He apparently wants temperatures down further and unemployment up further.

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Hottest Year Ever : Southern Hemisphere Running Far Below Normal


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Hottest Year Ever : Alice Springs Having One Of The Coldest Years On Record

Through October, Alice Springs, Australia was having it’s 10th coldest year since 1881. Two of the ten coldest have been in the past decade. http://data.giss.nasa.gov/ November temperatures have been cold too.

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Making The Past A Lot Cooler In Blanco Texas

USHCN has adjusted 1930s maximum temperatures in Blanco, Texas downwards by more than six degrees. Nice way to turn a pesky cooling trend into a warming trend.

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