Arnie Still Worried About Global Warming

Temperatures in California have been well below normal this year, so with unemployment over 12%, Arnie continues his global warming crusade. He apparently wants temperatures down further and unemployment up further.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, oblivious to the adverse effects of his efforts to date, held another pep rally this week for the crusade against the presumed threat of global warming.

The “Governors’ Global Climate Summit 3” at UC Davis attracted 1,500 attendees from about “80 states, provinces and countries” to pump life back into an anti-global warming campaign that’s steadily lost momentum following a series of scientific, economic and political setbacks.

Mr. Schwarzenegger used the conference to tout a rare victory: California voters’ rejection Nov. 2 of Proposition 23, which would have delayed implementation of his signature legislation, Assembly Bill 32, aka the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.
“With or without international agreements, the green revolution is moving full-speed ahead in states, regions and provinces,” Mr. Schwarzenegger assured.

He called for regional governments to carry forth “our subnational success.” That’s a tacit acknowledgment of failure on national and international levels.

The Obama administration has scrapped its cap-and-trade plan to essentially impose huge taxes on energy. The touted Chicago Climate Exchange recently ended trading carbon credits for corporate greenhouse-gas emitters – the only purpose for which it was founded. The Copenhagen U.N. climate summit last year ended without a binding agreement to curb greenhouse gases, but with much rancor as poor nations demanded rich nations subsidize their transition from fossil fuels.

The global warming movement’s downward spiral accelerated in the past year after thousands of documents from climate researchers were leaked, revealing manipulation, suppression and possible fraudulent rigging of data to show the world approaching meltdown. In fact, it’s the global warming movement that’s been melting down, as successive embarrassing disclosures revealed the so-called climate consensus to be built in part on non-peer-reviewed research and activist groups’ flawed assertions misrepresented as bona fide scientific studies.



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6 Responses to Arnie Still Worried About Global Warming

  1. Mike Davis says:

    He probably also spent funds that California does not have for this seminar. I wonder what subsidies were provided the foreign attendees?

  2. Paul H says:

    The frightening thing if you live there is that AB32 has barely begun to kick in yet. Its full effect won’t be seen till 2020.

    If you think 12% unemployment is bad, just wait.

  3. peterhodges says:

    and i can tell you for a fact that anomaly map undershoots by several degrees, maybe by an order of magnitude for my specific location. we have been close to climatology only for 5 weeks in july-aug, and 4 weeks since the middle of oct.

    some guy in colorado has been spot checking his local records against the monthly anomaly to see how they match up…generally off by 5 or so degrees . i’ll see if i can google him up

  4. PhilJourdan says:

    Makes sense for Arnie – if the rest of the world cools down – then sunny So Cal will again be a place to live!

  5. Stop Global Dumbing Now says:

    I have to live in this insanity. I’m so embarrassed for my alma mater (and place of work). If everyone hadn’t gone crazy when Arnie threw his hat in the ring 6 years ago, we could have had Peter Ueberroth as Gov. I will forever be reminding people of that.
    The Governator is proud that this and AB32 is his legacy. Arnie, why couldn’t you just have stopped at “Junior”?

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