Making The Past Cooler In Danevang, Texas

Liberty and Danevang are the two closest USHCN stations to Houston, on opposite sides. Like in Liberty, USHCN has adjusted a cooling trend into a warming trend by making the past colder. The graph below shows USHCN maximum temperatures adjusted minus raw. The present was adjusted upwards, while the past was adjusted progressively downwards.

Note that USHCN is hosted by the Carbon Dioxide Information And Analysis Center (CDIAC.)


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4 Responses to Making The Past Cooler In Danevang, Texas

  1. Mike Davis says:

    They need to have their architect look at their steps. The design will not meet the latest ADA standards. However this might be the result of Hire the Handicapped or whatever the PC term is today.

  2. Steve UK says:

    In the fields of accountancy, banking, commerce etc this would simply be called FRAUD, with no “if” or “but” or nuance.

    I’m not familiar with US law, but what legal constraints and obligations are there for tax payer funded outputs to be free from fraud? Conversely what legal sanctions are available to pursue and bust this?

    Any lawyers lurking here who could add a comment?

    • Mike Davis says:

      Just a WAG but from the Mann UV issue going on I think the defense is Academic Creativity would be restrained if the academics were held accountable for their creativity. Academics should not be held to the same standards as the rest of the population!!!!!! One is a world of Make Believe and real people deal with real conditions in the other.
      Would you hold Jules Vern accountable for his failed predictions?
      Tolkien has not been held accountable and his version of history is still being read. Why should our current group of academics be held to greater standards than those of the past?
      The problem is people want to view the current output as reality rather than the fiction it is.

    • PhilJourdan says:

      It is called fraud, because the governing board has written the rules thusly. However, when the governing board (in this case the Government) changes the rules to fit the model, then nothing is fraud, and it is all AGW.

      They keep changing the name, what makes anyone think they will not keep changing the rules?

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