Skiing Forecast For 2100

Around this time of year, the climate Cassandras normally start making their “skiing is doomed” forecasts. This year being no exception. One of my favorite ski areas is Alta, Utah which now averages over 40 feet of snow per winter. It hasn’t always been like that though, as snowfall has been increasing by about two feet per decade since the 1940s.

If long term trends continue, Alta will average 735 inches of snow by the end of the century.


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3 Responses to Skiing Forecast For 2100

  1. nofreewind says:

    Interesting, the mid-century negative PDO hurt the snowfall. Steve, I don’t think you have the doomed snowfall right. That was a couple of years ago, when we had to worry about global warming, now it is climate change and we can expect more snowfall. Heads we loose, tails we loose!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    The models get the regions wrong. some regions will have less snow during a cooling trend because less moisture will reach the area.

  3. barrufa says:

    Hi steve!

    A question in relation to the natural snow Alta.
    The base station is at 2600 meters and its highest point at 3200 meters. You know what height measured data to us? I read somewhere that half season measured up, but I have not found information on the situation of the meteorological station on the link that we’ve been through Got you this information?

    Greetings from Barcelona

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