Congressional Nature Trick

Democrat’s claims that sea level rise has doubled, are based on a hockey stick approach – where they changed measurement systems in 1994. Did tide gauges stop working in 1994, like tree rings did in the 1960s?

The graph below shows the Democratic nature trick. The thick blue line is the tide gauge trend, and the narrow black line is the altimetry trend. Shown at the same scale.

Even using this bogus approach, the claims of doubling are not accurate.


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10 Responses to Congressional Nature Trick

  1. suyts says:

    lol, yeh, and its easy to refute the bs they’re propagating. Where are all the climate refugees from our east and west coasts?

  2. Steve Koch says:

    Anytime you switch measurement technology, it is a tricky situation that presents opportunity for propaganda. It can take a while for the new technology to be properly calibrated. The differences between old measurements and new measurements in the transition period most likely mostly a result of switching measurement systems.

    Having said that, eventually the satellite based approach should produce good results and even the current increase of 3mm rise per year is only 300 mm rise per century is only about one foot rise per century.

    Were the Democrat politicians who claimed a doubling of sea level rise rate just parroting what they were told by some CAGWer scientist or did the politicians originate the claim?

  3. Malaga View says:

    Looking very strange to me… especially in the Med… the sea is rising about 3 cm / yr around Greece… while it is falling about 3 cm /yr around Sicily… that is quite some gradient… so I am looking forward to the downhill water skiing event in the next Olympics.

  4. Paul H says:

    The rate of rise according to the satellite data does not seem to have increased since it started being collected , even though the rate of rise is greater than the previous rate.

    Surely if temps supposedly keep on increasing then the rate of rise would have increased?

  5. An artificial sea level rise acceleration was also created by lowering the 1990s data – see:

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