Cooling The Past In Louisiana

Alexandria, Louisiana thermometers show no trend in maximum temperatures over the last 120 years.

But after adjustments by USHCN, the same location shows five degrees of warming. They accomplished this by cooling the past almost five degrees.

Impressive! Here is the adjusted data (blue) on top of the raw data :

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5 Responses to Cooling The Past In Louisiana

  1. Mike Davis says:

    For the annual report we can expect a further adjustment of .5 lower in the past. That way they can show that it is worse than predicted!

  2. lance says:

    What do you think the odds are that Hansen will come out with some ‘warming’ statement just prior to Cancun….i’m thinking pretty darn good…

  3. I have done some analysis of the New Zealand temperature record as part of a legal challenge against the New Zealand temperature record that shows 1°C warming over the last 100 years.
    All I have done is compare the raw data with the adjusted data. Whoever did the adjustment could have used the following rule “All temperatures between 1900 and 1975 should be reduced by an amount directly proportional to the age of the data. When you’ve done that, put some wiggles into the adjustments to make it look more convincing.” (I’m not suggesting that that was the rule that they actually used.) Whatever they did remains a mystery.

    But, to make our case convincing, I would like to have some data on raw temperatures and adjusted temperatures that is generally accepted as being kosher and which, as one would expect, shows that adjustments go in both directions. So far I have failed dismally. The best I have got is a statement from Phil Jones at the enquiry mentioning that one would expect adjustments to go in both directions. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the reference.

    Does anyone know if any “good” record of raw and adjusted temperatures exists?

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