Satellite Altimetry Numbers Look Bloated

University of Colorado satellite altimetry shows sea level increases much higher than tide guages. East of the Philippines they show greater than 10 mm/year in a region where tide gauges show little or no sea level rise.

Below, I overlaid the NOAA tide gauge data on that region.The gauge at Guam is going down, while CU reports 10 mm/year. The arrow at Chuuk is rising only 0.6 mm/year and is shown in the 9.0+ region of the CU map.

Looks to me like the satellite altimetry data is not accurate, and probably should not be quoted before Congress.

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4 Responses to Satellite Altimetry Numbers Look Bloated

  1. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Now they are using fish tanks to prove it

    So why is Ephesus a couple km inland now if we want to use the same argument?

  2. Malaga View says:

    Think of a number… any number… multiply by 10… divide by the number you first thought of… and the answer is 10 mm/year… simple really… satellite simple.

  3. Eddie says:

    so how exactly does this satellite work? I mean there could be 10ft swells, how does it know any difference? Looks like someone went in with photoshop and air brushed the map

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