“Cool It” In Georgia

This must be what Lomborg was talking about.

Albany, Georgia raw maximum temperatures. No trend.

Albany Georgia adjusted maximum temperatures. Warming trend.

Overlay. Adjusted in blue, raw in red – normalised to 1900. The past has been cooled by two degrees.


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2 Responses to “Cool It” In Georgia

  1. etudiant says:

    This kind of revision of the historic data seems to be so general that it surely deserves a reality check.
    It must be possible to recreate the historic recording apparatus and site for at least some of the more egregiously adjusted locations.
    The subsequent monthly readings at these recreated locations should then differ from the USHCN data by the amount of the adjustments made.
    If they do, it would clarify the validity of the adjustments made. If they do not, the adjustment process might attract some useful scrutiny.

    • Mike Davis says:

      All Adjustments are supported by “YEARS” of academic research using the latest Al-Gore-Rythms and based on the latest version of pathological science philosophy.
      Trust them as they are self proclaimed experts and they wrote recommendations about their work to support it.

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