Global Warming Can Solve The National Debt

CO2 molecules make lovely Christmas ornaments.

Economists and political strategists attending an economic summit Thursday said it is critical for New Hampshire, New England and the country to understand that climate change has to be part of the equation in forging a solution to the current fiscal and monetary crisis.

There are 3.7 *10^44 CO2 molecules in the atmosphere, and the national debt is $13.8*10^12. That puts the price of CO2 at about 4*10^-32 dollars per molecule. In other words, you can pick up a boatload of dirt cheap CO2 molecules as Christmas presents this year, and help solve the national debt!


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2 Responses to Global Warming Can Solve The National Debt

  1. suyts says:

    Well, they’re almost getting there. CO2 emissions = economic activity. Any increase in CO2 emissions means increased economy. Conversely, any decrease means slower economy. Care to venture a guess as to why the western civilized world is seeing economic difficulties? Anyone want to compare that to China?

  2. Erik says:

    “Global Warming Can Solve The National Debt” = pigs will fly

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