Home Is Where The Heart Is



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6 Responses to Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. Sundance says:

    Being seen with Chavez will improve Obama’s standing with his political base and give them hope for their dream of a USSA. ROTFLMAO

  2. R. de Haan says:

    So he can fuel up AF1 and pay with some pocket change?
    Fuel is very cheap in Venezuela.
    I filled the tank of a Ford Explorer for US $ 1.50

  3. Leon Brozyna says:

    All these flights … looking for a spot for living in exile?

    • He should probably arrange to be in the air when the birth certificate hearings start.

      • Leon Brozyna says:

        And that’s when the clever, sneaky, lawyerly spin-chatter and obfuscation soars to new levels. The only clear statement I’ve seen from him is to claim that he’s a native Hawaiian. Very clever. Can’t say he lied. However, even if he was born in the rotunda of the Capitol with the entire body of Congress as witnesses, he could never be natural born, only native born. The basis for this can be found in one of the standard references of the 18th century, (which today would be called international law) The Law of Nations, which defines natural born as being both born in the country and of citizen parents. Whoops … Mr. Obama Sr. was only in the U.S. on a student visa, he was a British/Kenyan citizen, not a U.S. citizen.

        But it’s not just Democrats wanting to sidestep the rules. When Bobby Jindal was born in the U.S., his parents had not yet been naturalized, so he too is just native born, not natural born.

  4. Nobama says:

    Could be the train to 2012 will depart without the Bamster on board. Rumor has it some states may require verification of eligibility this time. And besides, he hates the job. It interferes with his Golf schedule.

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