Romm : Clueless In Santa Fe

Once again, Romm blames something he knows nothing about on climate change.

I worked one summer in the 1980s as a wilderness ranger in the mountains above Santa Fe and have some familiarity with the drainage. The river has been dammed above the city since 1881. There isn’t any water in the river bed because it all gets diverted to the city, Indian casinos and golf courses. National Geographic describes the problem.

Santa Fe suffers from chronic water extraction that leaves its bed a dry ditch for most of the year. “Everybody can agree that a healthy, flowing Santa Fe River is good for the community of Santa Fe,” Fahlund said.

“I think that the governor and the mayor are both solidly behind this, and I think that they are going to put some water back in the river. But it’s a matter of the timing and the permanence of that.”

The city’s growing water needs have drained the Santa Fe’s flow at the expense of dams and wells

Santa Fe had their second snowiest winter in the forty year WRCC record last year, and five of the top ten years have been in the last decade.

Penn and Teller filmed some of Romm’s victims in Santa Fe. Watch the whole thing – it is hilarious.

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14 Responses to Romm : Clueless In Santa Fe

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    This is the sort of news story that really angers me. There are a lot of genuine environmental issues out there, where the solution is not about restricting CO2. By even mentioning it they allow the real issues slide off the agenda. Local people don’t bother changing their ways – why should they when global warming is inevitable and somebody else’s fault. Governments don’t issue rules to solve the problem because they’re supposedly concentrating on reducing CO2.

  2. Anthony Watts says:

    I hadn’t seen this Penn & Teller Episode before. Thanks for the laugh riot! They shold do one on Romm.

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    Researchers Debate Whether Biofuels Are Truly Greener Than Fossil Fuels

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  5. Paul H says:

    I like the guy visiting the shrink who said he was excited with his rock!!

    I have got plenty in my garden for any other eco nuts who have got more money than sense.

  6. GregO says: supporters must lead amazingly empty lives to have enough time for such utter nonsense.

    Yes, the desert southwest is arid – but in our times we have used water management and modern urban technology making it livable for millions of people – and I think of it here, where I make my home, as a kind of paradise.

    This Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks to many things – and one of them will be the human spirit and ingenuity to make the desert bloom making large-scale human habitation of the desert southwest possible.

  7. Smokey says:

    I can’t seem to make any progress destroying the planet. Every time I exhale CO2 or light my charcoal barbecue, someone who knows more than everyone else ruins my evil plans and saves the planet.

  8. PhilJourdan says:

    The only difference between these clowns and the Madoff victims is in the amount of money they have to lose. All are seeking a cheap quick fix that opens them up to graft, fraud and stupidity.

  9. West Houston says:

    Penn, Buddy, back it off a few knotches on the F-bombs. Profanity looses its effect through repetition.

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