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#80 On WordPress – Out Of 362,210 Blogs

http://botd.wordpress.com/?lang=en Thanks everyone! (80 / 362,210 is about the same abundance as atmospheric CO2.) 504,173 views all-time (12 weeks) Comments: 13,179

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Leonard Nimoy Explains The Coming Ice Age

Peer review says that this video doesn’t exist. And apparently Dr. Gifford Miller from the University of Colorado didn’t exist either. h/t to Marc Morano and Van Helsing

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Government Apprehended Only One Of These People Before He Boarded. Can You Guess Which One?

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Australian Farmers Asked To Help Design Government Scheme To Extort Money From Farmers

http://www.abc.net.au/rural/news/content/201011/s3072767.htm The government has yet to design a scheme to deal with the suffocating levels of bull manure accumulating in Canberra.

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Mexican Gang Wanted To Kidnap Climate Negotiators

http://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCATRE6AL04720101122 The kidnappers planned to use low carbon vehicles in the attack. Meanwhile, the US government is too busy sexually molesting four year old boys at airports to do anything about securing the border with Mexico.

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Penguins Continue To Sweat In Record Cold Antarctica

NOAA anomalies Cartoon by Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press http://www.salem-news.com/articles/november212010/republican-land-re.php The Antarctic summer starts in one week, with windchills of -85F at Vostok. http://www.wunderground.com/ There seems to be no limit to how disconnected greens can be from reality. http://www.salem-news.com/articles/november212010/republican-land-re.php

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