Record Cold Forecast For France

Current NCEP forecast indicates that parts of France could see the coldest autumn temperatures ever recorded.

From the forecast map, it looks to me like below -10C in Grenoble – which might well break the record for their coldest autumn day.

Dr. Hansen says it is the hottest year ever and that the world is heating out of control. He also said that parts of Manhattan should be submerged by now. He is considered the greatest climatologist that ever lived – in some circles.

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28 Responses to Record Cold Forecast For France

  1. John Silver says:

    It would bee nice to see Nice covered in snow i November.

  2. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    Wow a cold spot, like the “hot” spot over Russia. How do we explain this one. hmmmmmmmm

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    The Cold Train rides roughshod over Europe

  4. AndyW says:

    Going to be cold in the UK as well.

    Also, AMSU temps for channel 5 are now down to the average finally.


  5. Jimmy says:

    This is where the “Global warming can mean colder winters” argument comes into play. We will be under six foot of snow in July and the warmists will still be invoking the Global Warming causes everything argument.

  6. John Douglas Swallow says:

    Have you ever noticed when it is a hot summer, like in Europe in 2003, then it is anthropogenic global warming but when it is a cold winter with record snow fall such as 2009 and 2010, it is “weather”.

    I guess that Hansen didn’t spend much time in MT or WY where they froze their you know what off most of the summer.

  7. Record Cold Forecast For France?

    Knock it off! It’s just weather, you bunch of crazies haters!


  8. Piers Corbyn says:

    FOR LATEST WEATHER NEWS IN BRITAIN – Early winter blasts hit Britain + Europe. So WHAT ABOUT WINTER? + Sponsor news of WeatherAction possible free PUBLIC ESSENCE OF WINTER summary forecasts for Britain, Ireland Europe and maybe USA –

  9. Ed says:

    well we had heavy hail here near St Tropez yesterday and are expecting -1 -2 deg C by the end of the week with high winds from the north west (Mistral)

    not quite what we joined for coming down here

  10. Ryan Maue says:

    I’m furiously crunching the forecast data but I am still unable to “find that missing heat” in the NCEP GFS model. The Northern Hemisphere has undergone a dramatic temperature flip — from +2.5F on average in the midlatitudes to -1F, at least.

    And it is getting progressively colder. Forecast Temperature Anomalies

    • glacierman says:

      So you are saying heating my house with some extra CO2 this winter isn’t a good idea? I thought CO2 molecules reradiated heat in all directions. At least according to IPCC models.

      • Ryan Maue says:

        You may want to use your propane grill to heat your home this winter, since it is clean burning. The light headed feelings will pass quickly as you will feel great about being green.

      • glacierman says:

        AHH. A guilt free buzz, and year round grilling. Sounds like a win-win.

    • AndyW says:

      Wow it is warm in the Arctic, told you there was slow regrowth in the Sea of Chucky Steve ! 😀


  11. Ryan Maue says:

    And looks like Britain will have coldest temperatures in 300 years +, along with ocean-effect snow. Natural gas prices are spiking…

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  13. Interglacial John says:

    “He is considered the greatest climatologist that ever lived – in some circles.”

    Sounds like there are alot of jerks in those circles!

  14. John Douglas Swallow says:

    Ryan Maue says that natural gas prices are spiking. How much sense does it make for the U.S, that has hundreds of years worth of clean coal, to be more or less prohibiting coal fired plants being built in favor of natural gas fired ones? Also natural gas should not be squandered for power plants when it can be used for home heating and also in the form of LNG to power vehicles; therefore, decreasing the dependence on imported oil.

  15. Lawrie Ayres says:

    Let’s assume that enough idiots cause coal fired generators to be banned and then we are forced to move to a more expensive energy source, i.e. nuclear and heaven help us, wind. Now by 2020 it will be evident to all but the dead that AGWwas a crock and that burning coal was OK. So some enterprising company starts building coal fired again and puts the dear operators out of business. Who picks up the tab?; because someone is going to sue someone for loss and damages due to bad science leading to bad legislation.

  16. JohnM says:

    In the German-speaking part of Switzerland snow is forecast for today and the next 4 days. (see Back about 2001 or 2002 almost no snow fell in Zurich before Christmas.

  17. John Douglas Swallow says:

    One thing that should have been happening is more nuclear power plants being built. In 1973 when OPEC cut production because of the Yom Kipper War, U.S. utilities ordered 41 nuclear power plants. The environmentalist then changed all of that in 1989 to the point where the completed, ready to operate 6 billion dollar Shoreham plant on Long Island N. Y. was never allowed to operate because Governor Mario Cuomo’s office would not sign the documents require to operate the plant. Most of the cost of the plant was passed on to Long Island residents and now the electricity that would have been generated is now produced by fossil fuels. There is one “green” note regarding all of this debacle that the past governor should be very proud of: “In 2005, two 100 foot high wind turbines with 25 foot blades were erected at the plant and attached to the electric grid, generating a peak power of 50 kilowatts each (1/8000 of the power that the nuclear plant would have generated)” It is great to conserve and it should be done & now with fuel at the price it is there will be more conservation but this anthropogenic global warming is an unproven theory that is going to paralyze the developed world unless people come to their senses regarding it. Of the 186 billion tons of CO2 that enter earth’s atmosphere each year from all sources, only 6 billion tons are from human activity. What is rarely publicized is the fact that 95% of the greenhouse effect is due solely to natural water vapor. Just how long can we afford to be “green” when logic and a reasonable thought process are not used?

  18. JudyW says:

    France must not rely on NOAA for the temperature readings.

  19. John Douglas Swallow says:

    “Figure 2: Net Generation Shares by Energy Source: Total (All Sectors), Year-to-Date through August, 2010” (The pie chart shows this:)
    Coal, 45.3%; Natural Gas, 23.9%; Nuclear,19.2%; Hydroelectric Conventional, 8.4%; Other Energy Sources, 4.1% and Petroleum, 1%

    One of Waxman, Markey, Boxer & Kerry’s supposed selling points for their disastrous cap and tax bills was that it would get us, the US, off of imported oil. Since the main targets of this legislation was coal and electrical energy production, just how was this going to have any effect on oil?

  20. J Garratt says:

    Hi All,

    This is smashtastic news , I’m off to Bourg-St-Maurice on the 2nd December for 7 days, and plan to do plenty of hiking in the Tarentaise/Savoie areas of Les Arcs , La Rosiere and will probably drive up to Tignes and Val D’Isere for a spot of walking aswell.

    Prepare for a very bad winter( or good winter depending if you are a skier/mountian lover ), stock up on the rock salt and keep an eye out for elderly neighbours, and have fun everyone this coming winter.

  21. Alellrine says:

    у вашего блога красивый диз, сами верстали?

    генеалогическое древо беларусь

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