Repost : Winter Temperatures Plummeting In The Northern Hemisphere Over The Last Decade

Over the past decade, winter temperatures over most of the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and much of Asia have been falling at a rate of five to fifty degrees C per century.

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12 Responses to Repost : Winter Temperatures Plummeting In The Northern Hemisphere Over The Last Decade

  1. suyts says:

    Interesting. The map is counter intuitive. Directly south of the places that are reportedly warming at an unprecedented rate are places that are cooling at an unprecedented rate. And then there’s the Antarctica. I’m really starting to believe our temp trackers are not very competent.

    • Warm air from the south is mixing with cold air from the north. This causes the north to warm and the south to cool.

      • suyts says:

        Still, that’s quite a mix. Its a mix that doesn’t appear to be mixing. The point I was trying to make, as AAM shows, the warming is shown by very few actual thermometers, while the cooling is buttressed by a very good distribution. Its beginning to look like the few remaining thermometers (in the extreme north) were chosen.

      • Mike Davis says:

        The waste heat from creating a livable community enviorment for all the researchers at those remote locations also has an effect on temperatures. I recall seeing photos of a monitoring site next to power generating facility.

      • Mike Davis says:

        That was SOP in major corporations also! It appears the warming is now being exaggerated to increase research funding and then to defend to amount spent.

  2. Espen says:

    Another striking thing to observe from that map is that giss has no record of temperatures for most of Africa.

  3. Ya, but look at the hot spot, that’s global warming ;O)

  4. what’s going on with the red in the Arctic? let’s have a look:

  5. clearscience says:

    I suppose with D’Aleo’s analysis this link is quite timely.

    Ouch… That’s gotta hurt…

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