Cold In Montana

This reading probably isn’t correct, but the National Park Service is reporting a new all time record low for the lower 48 states, at Glacier National Park -78.7F (-61.5C.)

That can’t be right, because 2010 is the hottest year ever.

h/t to M Carpenter

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18 Responses to Cold In Montana

  1. M Carpenter says:

    If it was a high temperature record it would stand! Wrong or right.

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    I live near there and there doesn’t appear to be anything approaching that cold in the vicinity. I regularly drive by the current record holder which is just east of lincoln mt on hwy 200. Strange that a reading could be that far off as many neighboring locations are in the single digits below 0?

  3. peterhodges says:

    well, we’re forecast for -15F and -20F

    in california

    only for a day or two though

    don’t worry steven, hansen will fix it

    snow in the problem! millions of frozen livestock in mongolia…no problem!
    hundreds dead from the cold in peru…no problem! hansen has an algorithm for everything…

    • glacierman says:

      Hansen will correct the problem. It is not the temperature that is bad, it is the date. I am sure he can find a nice point in the past that needs some cooler temps to get that trend where he wants it.

  4. Green Sand says:

    Interesting comment about Montana snowfall at Ice Age Now.

    “I know that it is important when a hundred year old record is broken but I find it truly ominous when a record just set in the last few years is shattered. That seems to indicate a rapid and recent decline rather than perhaps a “once in a hundred year” fluke. In this case, the previous record snow fall for this date was 2.5 inches just set in 2007. The new record is 12″, almost 5 times as much.”

  5. Sundance says:

    GISS doesn’t use that thermometer anymore in their data and instead extropolates it from Cancun’s temperature. The GISS temperature for Glacier National Park was +85F degrees and the glaciers there all melted today and the Hudson Parkway is now under water. You can bet 2010 will be the hottest year. We may eclipse Records on Venus by the time the GISS is done. ;*)

  6. Sandy Rham says:

    Hmm, analysis of warmest and coldest records set in the last 10 yrs?
    Can Nature beat Hansen? Or can H diddle the records fast enough??

  7. Biobob says:

    clearly that -78 is a sensor error artifact but it does make you wonder about the so-called accuracy of weather stations, doesn’t it.

    East Glacier is the lowest nearby temp station and is currently reading -15 F and Browning and Saint Mary are at -11 F.

  8. Myron Mesecke says:

    Turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montana.
    And gimme all the CO2 I got comin’ to me,
    And keep your tree rings and your so called global warming.
    Big Al turn me loose and set me free.

  9. SS says:

    That’s cold.

    Speaking of cold…looks like the ASMU global temperatures for 14K feet just slipped below 2007 and the average…

  10. It’s cold for Obama too:

    39% approval……”as even Democrats’ support melts away”

    When Clinton’s went below 30 after Lewinsky he started the war in Serbia. Approval zoomed back up—-just a coincidence though.

  11. KR says:

    Pfft. There are always going to be record highs and record lows. That’s inherent in weather variation around the average temperatures since we started recording temps. Notably, however, we’re having a lot more of the record highs than record lows over the last 40 years.

    This single data point is meaningless without statistics on how often record highs and record lows are occurring.

  12. P Gosselin says:

    Poor siting…it probably is near an barbeque pit or an air conditioner.
    Seriously, can it get that cold?

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