Earth Hour Uummannaq Greenland

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5 Responses to Earth Hour Uummannaq Greenland

  1. Nonoy Oplas says:

    Earth Hour and the WWF should jump with joy if they see North Korea and Africa from satellite pictures. In those areas, they shut off their lights not only one hour per year, but many hours per night for 365 nights a year.

  2. Nobama says:

    They’re actually explaining that they wish Al Gore would be eaten by a Polar Bear because they’re freezing their asses off.

  3. Amaze says:

    Is it because of climate change they are covered in fur and have their heads covered ? They must be protecting themselves from the heat…

  4. Mike Davis says:

    They live in some of the most hostile climate on the globe and they are just now feeling the effects of climate change that has controlled the lives of their people since they first migrated to that region. Their ancestors chose to take up residence in that region when the weather was warmer than now and they were nomadic by nature. Now that they have been given modern habitats they feel climate change!

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