Giant Statue To Fight Climate Change

This is actually an old English tradition, but normally the dildo is the art rather than the artist.

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3 Responses to Giant Statue To Fight Climate Change

  1. “all in the name of climate-change awareness.”


    “all in the name of ramming it down your throat yet further.”

    It is profound that Thom is promoting some of the nemesi he sings about in his songs—coercion, science gone wrong, popularity, globalization.

  2. His will be one of 16 statues created around the globe and photographed by satellites on the eve of a United Nations meeting in Cancun, Mexico to discuss an international climate treaty.

    Rich people like him can afford the luxury of feeling guilty over owning things. Cute hat Thom—buy it at Salvation Army?

    Why doesn’t he have a problem with them meeting in places like Copenhagen and Cancun in luxurious hotels, and eating foie gras??? I mean WTF Thom!

    Ya Thom, ‘what the hell’ are they doing there? They ‘don’t belong’ there! They really are ‘creep’s.

  3. peterhodges says:

    and what is the carbon footprint of this ridiculous propaganda stunt?

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