Climate Change Targets Poor People

Scientists have known for a long time that tornadoes seek out trailer parks, but climate change is getting even more sophisticated in its directed attacks on the poor.

“For millions of people on the frontlines of climate change, the time since Copenhagen has been the year from sheer hell as floods, droughts, fires, storms and other extreme weather events have wiped out crops and destroyed the livelihoods of some of the poorest people in the world. We know that the destructive impacts of climate change will mean more misery and pain for the world’s poor, and increasing instability and insecurity around the world unless action is taken. As you prepare for a new round of talks in Cancún next week, it is abundantly clear that you must do better. And fast.”

All over the world, climate change has been avoiding the guilty countries who generate the CO2, and has been instead targeting innocent poor people. That is so sinister. If only ministers will pass a meaningless token agreement in Cancun, we can appease the climate change gods.

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17 Responses to Climate Change Targets Poor People

  1. destroyed the livelihoods of some of the poorest people in the world. We know that the destructive impacts of climate change will mean more misery and pain for the world’s poor

    Did they mention they had foie gras at Copenhagen while the poor were going through a big snow storm? Good thing for the poor at that time their electric bill didn’t “necessarily skyrocket” yet. But I’m sure the delegates at Cancún next week will do something about that. They’ll be talking about how to get those bills to skyrocket while they sip on champagne, and nibble on gourmet caviar.

    BTW, I just remembered—will there be free prostitutes at Cancún like at Copenhagen? I mean what world saving conference would be complete without ’em!

  2. Nobama says:

    It has to target some unknown poor, because no one else has noticed any appreciable effects, and they will never feel sorry for the Rich. And if the victims were rich, the UN wouldn’t need a giant new tax to pretend to send to them. Rich people are filthy Bourgeois that we’re supposed to hate anyway. After all, it’s the people’s climate…, uh, Manbearpig.

  3. Nonoy Oplas says:

    When it’s prolonged drought and bad El Nino, it’s because of man-made warming. When it’s prolonged rains, flooding and winterstorms, and bad La nina, it’s also because of man-made warming.

  4. NS says:

    fyi – take a look at the comments on the guardian article. It’s 5-1 sceptics to true beleivers, and that’s in the Guardian (hard-left newspaper).

  5. Galvanize says:

    Does anyone know when Britney Spears will be issuing a statement on “climate disruption”?

  6. maguro says:

    Reminiscent of the old joke NYT headline “World to end tomorrow; women, minorities hardest hit”.

  7. Violet says:

    I just want to know if at this conference they will figure out what we will do for plants when they finally eliminate all the CO2. Just askin’.

  8. Carbonicus says:

    Here’s what will happen in Cancun: zero beyond jockeying for extension of Kyoto, since a next generation treaty to supplant Kyoto after 2012 is no longer feasible. And thank God for that.

    The Euro eco-socialists will be the ones pushing this the hardest. That’s because they’ve bet the farm on global carbon regulation under Kyoto, and have unwisely (I’m being diplomatic) begun to reorder their economies around wind power. They are starting to understand that the only way their economies don’t sink as a result is if they drag down the rest of the developed world to their eroding economic level, and they are panic mode because of it. This will be evidenced by the increasing hysteria and hyperbole that “global climate change’s effects are more severe than even predicted by the UN IPCC (false), are happening faster than predicted (false), that we only have 1 year left to avoid a ‘tipping point’, and other similar claims that my 10 year old could verify were rhetoric with half a day’s research.

    Extending Kyoto, since no replacement treaty is feasible, they believe will give them time to try and strong arm the US, China, and India to get on board, to wait out conservative control of the US House, etc. But the carbon ship has sailed in the US (thank to Steven and all of us disinfecting this scam with sunlight), and China and India won’t play as their obligation is to pull their people out of poverty, a goal incompatible with energy from wind, solar, etc.

    I am enjoying the irony in the fact that China and India are saving the US from itself on the issue of CO2 and “global warming”.

    Those interested in profiting off the collapse of this house of cards might be interested in my investment hypothesis: short the European Climate Exchange futures between Dec. 2012 and Dec. 2013. Look no further than the experience of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

  9. Greenknight says:

    Truely, the AWG movement is out to score the world’s largest ecological arbocide disaster in the history of the world. They intend to systematically rid the world of noxious carbon di-oxide thus asphyxiating billions of trees worldwide. The disaster doesn’t stop here. hundreds of thousands of beavers will outright starve and perish with no trees to eat! Haberdasheries will flock to the disaster to bring back beaver hats and coats and set the fashion industry back 100 years. The AWG scinentists claim that they have hard science to go on. Right! I have a hard commode to go on, too, but in the end, it’s filled with the same stuff as their “science.”

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