Doctor I Have Had A Headache Two Days In A Row

We don’t know what caused yesterday’s headache, but we do know that whatever it was did not cause today’s headache.

If you don’t know what caused yesterday’s headache, how do you know it didn’t cause today’s headache?

The consensus of doctors has determined what causes today’s headaches. It is the hot weather.

But it wasn’t hot yesterday.

Exactly, that is how we know that whatever caused yesterday’s headache could not have caused today’s headache.

Wouldn’t it make sense to try to find a common cause for both headaches?

Of course not, the consensus of doctors agrees that heat is causing today’s headaches, and it wasn’t hot yesterday. So the two headaches couldn’t have been caused by the same thing.

But my headache is just like yesterday.

Are you an MD? Are you qualified to disagree with me?

Of course not, doctor.


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7 Responses to Doctor I Have Had A Headache Two Days In A Row

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    One of the commonest things I’m asked is ‘how do they know what’s the normal temperature?’ It’s a good question. They never predict in advance what the non CO2 influenced temperatures would have been. The closest is the graphs that appear in the IPPC’s 2007 report.

    But even there they didn’t go beyond 2000.

    To demonstrate some skill they should predict a few years ‘normal’ in advance that could be compared with real values. They’d then have to explain why they diverged. We’d hear a lot more about volcanoes, solar activity, clouds and ocean currents.

  2. suyts says:

    Heh, yeh, its so ridiculous. So much so, they try to disappear the MWP. Here’s a new little gem,

  3. This post is one of your best.

    Thanks for putting it out there.

  4. Erik says:

    absolutely love it! – short and sweet and to the point as an argument should be – I’m learning a lot, Thank You!

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