My Third Query To The Climate Science Rapid Response Team

Rising sea levels are often touted by climate scientists as evidence of global warming, yet we know that for the last 8,000 years sea level has steadily risen – while temperatures were steadily falling.

Why doesn’t peer review catch this type of blatant error?


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11 Responses to My Third Query To The Climate Science Rapid Response Team

  1. Myron Mesecke says:

    I can hear them saying in their W.C. Fields voice, “Go away kid, you bother me”.

  2. Paul H says:

    Had any answer yet to the first two?

  3. SBVOR says:

    Not to be a wet blanket, but…
    Let’s say a block of ice is placed in a room at 50F and allowed to melt for some period of time before the room temperature is dropped to 45F.

    Will the block of ice…

    A) Stop melting.
    B) Continue to melt.

    The real problem with the CAGW team is their failure to admit that both the Arctic AND the Antarctic are experiencing an on-going, uninterrupted 10,000 year cooling trend which shows NO SIGNS of abating.

    The citation links and more details are found here and here.

    Of course, once that information becomes common knowledge, the walking dead among the CAGW team will finally keel over for good. Of course, they will then rise from the dead as Biodiversity Alarmists (still seeking global wealth redistribution).

    Fortunately, the CO2 driven Biodiversity Hysteria is already debunked.

    • PJB says:

      From the above:

      “we received comprehensive answers from three top climate scientists within 48 hours, even though we made our inquiries before the official launch.”

      Steven, perhaps a pseudonym might have been in order?

    • MikeTheDenier says:

      Steve, I hope you don’t think I’m accusing you of BS. I’m not. The answers given in that link from the Rapid Response Team are the BS I’m talking about.

    • SBVOR says:

      Grist is representative of the CAGW walking dead.

      If you’ve seen the new TV show (Walking Dead), you know what I mean.

      By referring to the walking dead, I am only making a funny. I am not presenting any threat of violence to any alarmists, puppies, kittens, baby seals or any other of Gaia’s creatures (large or small). Well, okay, I do plan to eat a cow for dinner.

  4. Sean McHugh says:

    The Rapid Response Team HAVE been answering:

    “It’s worse than we thought!”

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