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Climate Change Targets Poor People

http://pictures.mastermarf.com/ Scientists have known for a long time that tornadoes seek out trailer parks, but climate change is getting even more sophisticated in its directed attacks on the poor. “For millions of people on the frontlines of climate change, the … Continue reading

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Its Worse Than We Thought : Worst Case Scenarios Are Way Too Low

Applying their model a century in the future, the researchers found a tendency for clouds to thin and cloud cover to reduce – dramatically more so than in any of the current global models. “If our model results prove to … Continue reading

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Puffington Host Explains Why The Climate In Hawaii Is So Awful

Because there is a lot of heat in Hawaiian climate system. By contrast, the Arctic has very little excess heat – which is why the climate there is so calm and pleasant. More CO2 = more heat trapped! Heat is … Continue reading

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Mother Nature’s Rapid Response Team

Odysseus was punished by the gods for his vanity of believing he was in control, and Mother Nature seems to be delivering the climate science community a similar thrashing. During the El Niño months, they loved to talk about the … Continue reading

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My Second Query To The Climate Science Rapid Response Team

Global temperature records from HadCRUT and GISS show that the period from 1910 to 1940 warmed nearly as quickly as the period from 1970 to 2000. 1913 set the all time temperature record in North America, and during the 1930s, … Continue reading

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Thing Of The Past : Europe Snow Forecast

I don’t think I have ever seen a forecast like this before. Heavy snow across almost all of Europe, including half of Spain and Portugal. The UK and France are expected to be nearly covered from one end to the … Continue reading

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