Puffington Host Explains Why The Climate In Hawaii Is So Awful

Because there is a lot of heat in Hawaiian climate system. By contrast, the Arctic has very little excess heat – which is why the climate there is so calm and pleasant.

More CO2 = more heat trapped!

Heat is just one form of energy. So having more heat in system means having more energy in the system. And energy is what’s needed to DO STUFF. Like evaporate water or melt ice or warm up air or water. So, that’s what it gets used for – doing all those things: evaporating more water and making a “typical” storm bigger. Or a “typical” drought drier. Or a “typical” heat wave hotter.

You could think of having all that extra energy available as sort of like having extra money lying around. You could stash it away in the bank to use later, but most people would probably want to spend it and put that money to work – a faster, flashier car, a bigger house, more fancy gadgets and appliances.

So just like you can go into a neighborhood with lots of big, fancy houses and you know that means there’s a lot of money there, when you see a really big storm / wild fire / heat wave / drought, you know that means there’s a lot more energy there than a smaller such event.

This is why global warming means global weirding. All this extra heat / energy gets used to wreak havoc on our climate system and therefore on all of us, too.

So… can any of this extra heat be a good thing? Like a superhero who decides to use his powers for good, not evil?


It makes perfect sense. Send all these morons to the Arctic for their next holiday. The lack of extra heat must make the Arctic a veritable Garden of Eden.

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6 Responses to Puffington Host Explains Why The Climate In Hawaii Is So Awful

  1. Like evaporate water

    Which results in negative feedback.

    NOTE to Huffington Post:

    You are going to have to drop water evaporation from your list of warming alarmism because it causes cooling not warming. But you are such science geniuses there I’m sure you already knew that. So, sorry to bother you.

  2. That Arctic storm really isn’t in the Arctic. It’s Hawaii. The coming ice age just hit.

  3. Erik says:

    “You could stash it away in the bank to use later”

    Hmm, been there done that, my take: invest in gold and a shovel

  4. Paul H says:

    “Because there’s CO2 all through our atmosphere and there are millions and millions of these little CO2 guys absorbing and re-emitting heat in every direction, the overall effect is for most of that heat to be kept within the atmosphere. ”

    How do they get away with such crap?

  5. Mike Davis says:

    This was from a recently graduated science teacher. She is now sharing her wisdom with the next group of Sheeple!

  6. PhilJourdan says:

    The Puffington Host is always a source for amusement, merriment and hysteria. Anyone taking any fool on that site seriously has a brain deficiency.

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