Retire In Florida Or Arizona? Bad Idea!

Florida and Arizona have a lot of heat in their climate systems, which makes them very prone to severe weather.

When looking for a place to spend your golden years, consider the latest climate research from our top scientists. We now know that places with minimal energy in the climate system have stable, calm weather. A few suggestions below.

Mt. Washington, New Hamsphire

Because of the very low energy climate, wind speeds rarely exceed 250 MPH.

Nunavut, Canada

What better place to go fishing than on the beach? It is dark in Nunavut for several weeks a year, which keeps the excess heat down and makes it an ideal retirement spot.

Greenland Ice Sheet

What more could a retiree want?

Whatever you do, avoid the dangerous high energy climate of Florida

You can 100% trust our top climate scientists about this. A lower energy climate is a better climate.


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8 Responses to Retire In Florida Or Arizona? Bad Idea!

  1. Nobama says:

    I already bought in FL. I figure when the AMO goes negative, my equity will triple.

  2. Nonoy Oplas says:

    Transport the excess snow of Greenland and Nunavut to Cancun next week.

  3. Galvanize says:

    Does the heat stop at the state boundaries?

    I was thinking of moving to just the other side of Florida state boundary, thus receiving all the non catastrophic warmth, but none of the non existent increase in hurricanes.

  4. GregO says:

    Arizona is a tough environment – just look at these miserable winter temperatures:

    Lovely arctic pictures – thanks!

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