Guardian Wants To Be A Real Boy

HadCRUT just released their October numbers, and show eight  out of ten months this year below 1998. Only January and March were a little warmer than 1998.

UAH and RSS also show 2010 cooler than 1998. When you are saving the planet, sometimes you just have to make stuff up.

h/t to reader Green Sand


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13 Responses to Guardian Wants To Be A Real Boy

  1. Mike Davis says:

    It is to late! I understand the wood peckers are looking for Rotten wood where the bugs are hiding!

  2. Paul H says:

    “I would not be surprised if most or all groups found that 2010 was tied for the warmest year,” said Nasa’s Dr James Hansen.

    Of course he would not. He has been fiddling the numbers since January.

  3. suyts says:

    lol, 1998 was the hottest ever only if one considers the stated temps at the time! It is my understanding that they’ve since been adjusted down so that 2005 could be the hottest evuh!

  4. chris y says:

    But, in the spirit of other comments made by the jester-jousting adjuster from GISS concerning US temperature anomaly errors, the November and December temperature anomalies make only a small contribution (1/6th) to the overall annual result, so they can be safely ignored. 🙂

  5. sdcougar says:

    And remember that in 1999, the year 1934 was still their hottest by a half degree. It took adjusting ’34 down and ’98 up till they got 1998 as the hottest by 2007 by 0.015 degree.

    Click to access 783_NASA_docs-2.pdf

  6. It’s great to see the hottest year ever talk as I sit here in my cold room because the heat didn’t work last night. It got down into the 20’s last night here in the San Fran Bay Area. Cold for November.

  7. Michael D Smith says:

    Now wait a minute Steve, those were the measurements. They haven’t been adjusted yet. You’re not going to rely on measurements, are you?

    I can assure you that 2010 was warmer than 1998, just wait a couple of months. There is no use in predicting something that won’t come true, people’s reputations are at stake.

  8. “When you are saving the planet, sometimes you just have to make stuff up.”

    Either that or he’s mentally ill.

  9. Andy Weiss says:

    It seems like a clear conflict of interests that those pushing an adjenda are the ones “measuring” the temperature and making the determination that every month that passes is at or near record high levels. There are a multitude of methods to “message” the data to fit their predetermined scheme and I’m confident that they have used them all.

  10. Galvanize says:

    sdcougar, I am struggling to get byour link to work, and would love to see it.

  11. Alexej Buergin says:

    We all know that GISS cheats and its numbers are worthless. But HadCRUT comes from the people who gave us climategate, does it not? They seem more honest.
    (The only US data I trust are UAH and RSS.)

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