European Snow Forecast

All of The UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, The Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Kaliningrad and Lithuania.

Most of France, Russia, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, and half of Spain. And it isn’t even December yet!

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5 Responses to European Snow Forecast

  1. suyts says:

    But Steve, snow means warmth to these people!

  2. Erik says:

    A transpiring John Hirst, head of the Met Office, defends the record of the weathermen after they predicted a mild winter.

    Met Office: Clearer view of the future for fund managers
    “As the potential impacts of climate change on investment portfolios are examined by fund managers globally, the demand for highly specialist research from independent companies has accelerated. The Met Office, a world leader in weather and climate change research, will provide high-level independent advice to enable fund managers, often responsible for pension funds, to reduce the risks from both natural and man-made climate change on their investments.”

    Have fun 😉

  3. HLx says:

    As you can see from the map, a large part of Scandinavia have no snow. The reason? It is too cold!!! :-o…

    Temperatures have been bouncing around record-breaking lows in Norway, where I live. The next week forecast is for -20 celsius average temperatures in my region. A region where the average temperatures fluctuates around 0 celsius.

    Norway is one of worlds most extreme AGW-proponents. Several norwegian climatologist have predicted a record warm winter with temperatures 2-2.5 celsius above average, which would mean above freezing point.

    Now the papers are filled with propaganda telling the population to not bother the cold – the heat is somewhere else. AGW is having a hard time fore the moment. lol..

    Of course, more frequent lately, the new scare is obviously ocean acidification.

  4. Malaga View says:

    The Met Office, a world leader in weather and climate change research
    Has someone been pulling their christmas crackers early this year… the jokes never seem to get better… in fact they never seem to change. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  5. Scott says:

    Just as an update, the NH snow cover anomaly has increased into further positive territory.

    After this storm, it should be considerably more positive and maybe get one of the few regions that isn’t snow-covered and normally is (eastern Russia) back to normal…

    So maybe AGW does mean more snow cover…but if so, that important negative feedback needs to be considered.


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