Met Office Shooting For #1 – We Have Jumped To #67

It is going to be tough to beat PopWatch and Epic Fail Videos – unless we employ Met Office statisticians.

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12 Responses to Met Office Shooting For #1 – We Have Jumped To #67

  1. peterhodges says:

    THIS puts a smile on my face

    you slaughter him on traffic rank

    congratulations steven

  2. Green Sand says:

    Steve,do you have or are you thinking about an “unthreaded”?

    OT, Now what would bring together a South Uist, Oxfam, Mexico and fishing nets?

    Correct, Climate Change!

    “Fishing nets used to ‘anchor’ sand dunes on South Uist!

    “Oxfam said some islanders were concerned climate change had increased the frequency of damaging storms.

    It has called for a world fund to be set up to help vulnerable communities.

    With Oxfam’s backing, former crofter Seumas MacDonald, of South Uist, will meet representatives from other communities on a visit to Mexico.”

    I could not possibly make any further comment!

  3. Speaking of rankings, where would realclimate and that other political site climateprogress be?

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