High Resolution Imagery Detects Human Impact On Arctic Ice

recent results from the Met Office do show that there is a detectable human impact in the long-term decline in sea ice over the past 30 years, and all the evidence points to a complete loss of summer sea ice much later this century.


I’ve long wondered how they differentiate “human impact” from natural ice cycles – which are several orders of magnitude larger than anything observed in the last 30 years. However, image processing of high resolution satellite imagery (seen below) has recently revealed an undeniable human footprint on the ice.

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3 Responses to High Resolution Imagery Detects Human Impact On Arctic Ice

  1. peterhodges says:

    i think she is talking about ice breaker trails

    nothing else makes sense

  2. Sundance says:

    With even higher resolution imagery we would be able to see this:


  3. Mike Davis says:

    All the scientific research bases in the polar regions produce a lot of waste heat. By removing the research bases and the Ice Breakers the polar regions could return to their natural climate conditions immediately. It was nice of Pope Vicki to bring that to our attention. She should get a Peace prize for showing a way to save the destruction of innocent ice. After doing away with the breakers and outposts they need to stop spying on the Ice as it is an invasion of privacy. Would you like it if governments were watching you create new off spring?

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