Thursday October 28, 2010

“It baffles me how the Met Office can predict this
– Senior forecaster Johnathan Powell

Helen Chivers, Met Office forecaster, insisted the temperature map takes into account the influence of climate factors such as El Nino and La Nina

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  1. Byz says:

    When I read that headline, I jumped for joy 🙂

    As just like the “Barbecue summer” last year I knew the opposite would happen.

    You’ve got to give it to the Met office, most people develop models to predict the long term weather, whereas the Met office have developed a model that is always spectacularly wrong (because they have built AGW into it and the planet is cooling).


  2. time to dig out the snow chains and thermal underwear.


    Thanks for this article!

  3. Paul H says:

    When your chairman got the job because he was an environmental activist at WWF, science goes out the window.

  4. Malaga View says:

    Fresh heavy snowfalls and icy roads affecting the UK

    The video embedded in this BBC snow report is fascinating… to be more precise it is the soundtrack… not a single spoken word… just classical music… uplifting classic music in the face of adversity… uplifting classical music for people in north-east England where 14 inches of global warming fell overnight… it sounds like the beginning of a propaganda war… the second Battle of Britain… but this time against the force of nature… interesting times.

    BBC weather forecast Darren Bett said: “It’s the sea temperatures that are higher than the land temperatures that are helping to trigger this instability and trigger those showers – which is why we are seeing a lot of them near the coast”.

  5. RoyFOMR says:

    It’s nice to see Auntie Beeb bringing “balance” to its reporting of UK blizzards with an article, on the same page, about how Chicago is suffering from unseasonal warming!
    I looked, in vain, for a link to the “death-spiral” of Chicago CarbonX as being the cause of such “unprecedented” temperatures.

  6. Erik says:

    Global warming has slowed down over the past 10 years, say scientists

    “The Met Office does not make estimates for areas where there are gaps in the Arctic data, instead leaving them out, which would leave their overall results for global temperatures………… on the low side.” (that’ll be the day)

    Met Office: Clearer view of the future for fund managers
    “As the potential impacts of climate change on investment portfolios are examined by fund managers globally, the demand for highly specialist research from independent companies has accelerated. The Met Office, a world leader in weather and climate change research, will provide high-level independent advice to enable fund managers, often responsible for pension funds, to reduce the risks from both natural and man-made climate change on their investments.”

  7. PhilJourdan says:

    Where are lazarus and chrisd to blast you for cherry picking? They do seem to love to kill the messenger.

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