Hansen Forecasts vs Current Temperatures

In 1988, Hansen forecast 1-3C warming for Antarctica by  the “2010s”

It better get warming fast. This month, Antarctica has been running as much as 15C below normal, with record sea ice.


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7 Responses to Hansen Forecasts vs Current Temperatures

  1. Mike Davis says:

    What you are seeing now is weather. What Hansen forecast was climate and climate is not related to weather. Once the proper adjustments are made you will see that Hansen was right about the climate! 😉 The corrections should be done in 10 years!

  2. Les Johnson says:

    It should be “In 1988, Hansen forecast”….

  3. Accuracy of forecasts made by global warming scientists does not apply in modern day global warming. Global warming is happening. Man is the cause.


  4. Scott says:

    What’s the deal with the one warm patch in “upper” Antarctica? Also, that graph doesn’t conform to CAGW standards, if it’s warming at all it should be red, red, red! Not green!


  5. clearscience says:

    “This month, Antarctica has been running as much as 15C below normal, with record sea ice.”

    Shouldn’t you show the monthly anomaly then instead of the daily one?

    • peterhodges says:

      months have days.

      besides, GISS will take 30 days with a cold anomaly and make it the ‘hottest month evah!” with their magical algorithms. just like 1200 records with a down-or-no trend become one ‘record’ with an uptrend.

  6. Lazarus says:

    Nice bit of shameless misinformation there Steve.

    Your first graph doesn’t actually appear in the form you present it in Hansen’s paper. Plus you make no mention of which scenario you have chosen – is it the one that fits closest to how things actually progressed? Then you compare it to a single day of a single month when the original is clearly an annual prediction.

    So is Hansens’s actual prediction given this, out as much as you are trying to lead other’s to believe? I personally have no idea but I would like to see the actual comparisons based on like for like if you are up to the task and I’m sure any other true sceptics would too.

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