Message To Cancun : Stop Those Hurricanes

It has been 806 days since any hurricane made landfall on the US, and 6,670 days since a category 5 hurricane made landfall.

But it hasn’t always been like that. In 1886, seven hurricanes struck the US – including two major hurricanes. CO2 was 293 ppm at the time.

Year	Month	States Affected 	Highest Saffir-		
		and Category by 	Simpson U.S.		
		States			 Category 			
1886	Jun	TX, N2; LA, 2			2		
1886	Jun	FL, NW2; I-GA, 1		2		
1886	Jun	FL, NW2; I-GA, 1		2		
1886	Jul	FL, NW1				1		
1886	Aug	TX, C4				4		
1886	Sep   #	TX, S1, C1			1		
1886	Oct	LA, 3; TX, N2			3

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17 Responses to Message To Cancun : Stop Those Hurricanes

  1. AndyW says:

    I’ve asked you before Steve, what link is there between concentration of CO2 and direction of hurricanes? As far as I can see there is none, so why do you keep posting about it?

    Co2 concentration and strength might have some relevance, but direction?


  2. Mike Davis says:

    Have you been sleeping for the last 5 years? Did you miss the claims that more research needs to be done because human activities releasing CO2 into the atmosphere have lead to warmer ocean surface temperatures and that leads to stronger hurricanes which will result in more US land falls. The insurance companies definitely used that to increase their rates in the regions that might be affected by increased hurricane activity.
    This BS is continuing even now as was seen with the exchanges between Peilke and Trenberth recently.
    It is a travesty that predictions did not come to pass!

    • Andy thinks he’s got some important angle on the situation—the direction. Somehow hurricanes are more frequent because of “global warming” but they’ve changed direction. They no longer head toward the USA. They go somewhere else. That prediction wasn’t made by “global warming”. But it is now a part of “global warming” predictions. “Global warming” changes the direction of hurricanes. And, of course, they haven’t put any specifics on that direction yet. It’s just they don’t head to the USA anymore….. that’s why there haven’t been any hitting the USA recently……you see. It’s elementary. and you must see it that way, or you aren’t smart as them.

      So this is the “global warming” formula: wait to see what happens and then say that is what “global warming” predicted.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    The 1893 hurricane season was extremely active with respect to catastophic landfalling hurricanes in the US.

    On August 24, a hurricane scored a direcly hit on NYC with 85 mph winds.

    As that storm was hammering NYC, a major hurricane was approaching the SE coastline, making landfall on 8/27 near Savannah, GA. It was responsible for over 1000 fatalites.

    Just a couple weeks later, on 9/7, Lousiana was hit by a category 2 hurricane.

    But even after these 3 storms, the season was far from over!

    On October 2nd, a category 4 storm devastated Louisiana and killed close to 2,000 people.

    Then on 10/13, a category 3 hurricane hit Myrtle Beach and roared northward in a similar fashion as Hazel in 1954.

    If we were ever to have repeat of so many devastating storms over such a widespread area, you can only imagine the meida frenzy and the howlings of the AGW alamists!

  4. omnologos says:

    Why can’t you all see the Truth, hurricanes have been decreasing thanks to the European ETS. And Obama saying he was going to be serious about climate change.

    And all those global warming paintings and dances!

    Pats in the back to all!!

  5. Lazarus says:

    “Message To Cancun : Stop Those Hurricanes

    It has been 806 days since any hurricane made landfall on the US, and 6,670 days since a category 5 hurricane made landfall.”

    Cancun now in the US? Was there an invasion that didn’t make the news or are you claiming the terrorist because of the number of US tourists?

    • Mike Davis says:

      It appears to have gone right over your head!!!
      Of course you might not be aware of the conference going on in Can’tcun.
      It is a repeat of Dopenhaggel from last year.

      • Lazarus says:

        Hardly over my head Mike. I was evacuated from Cancun 3 years ago due to a Hurricane that didn’t make landfall in the US. It isn’t me that pretends those don’t count!

        I was also hit by a Hurricane in 2004 in Florida but it wasn’t a Cat 5 so let’s pretend those don’t count either.

  6. Mike Davis says:

    Read carefully!

  7. Mike Davis says:

    A Hurricane that makes landfall any where in the world does not count when the discussion is specifically about hurricanes making landfall in the US. Only those that make landfall on the coast of the US can be counted.
    If the cut off for a major type of storm is cat 3 or above then all storms over that number are counted. If the cut off is cat 5 then only cat 5 are counted.
    As I said : Read carefully!
    We are discussing oranges and you bring up avocados.

    • Lazarus says:

      “We are discussing oranges and you bring up avocados.”

      No you (Steve) are discussing Hurricanes and CO2 in relation to the Climate talks in Cancun and only cherry picking hurricanes that a) Affect the US and b) are the exceptionally strong ones.

      What valid comparison or point do you (or Steve) think you are making by using such selective and localised events in relation to global ones? Are you seriously claiming to be discussing oranges with oranges?

  8. Mike Davis says:

    Just because Cancun was built right in the most likely path for tropical activity does not mean we should G-A-S about the hazards they put themselves in. I do not live in a Hurricane pone area and everyone has the right to pick where they live. I was born into a family just above the poverty level that moved out of one of the most destitute regions of the US in the 40s. The same region the TVA was formed to rescue by bringing power and industry to the region. DO NOT tell me that people can not make a living because they lack something.
    This thread is about wanting the IDIOTS in CANCUN for the IPCC conference to stop something that is not happening as long as they are meeting to discuss a non problem anyway. ACC is a fairy tale and the predicted increased hurricane land falls and strengths did not happen.
    If you want to bring up Global Hurricane activity which is also down maybe Steven can be convinced to start a discussion about that, Personally I think talking about deliberately building in disaster prone areas is a sign of ignorance. I will be happy to repeat that any time!

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