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Shock News : Disastrous Failure Of Australian Wheat Crop

The 1914-15 drought The drought of 1914-15 became seared in the memory of Australians, primarily due to the disastrous failure of the wheat crop that year. The first signs of drought became evident in 1913, when rainfall in western Victoria, … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Success In Climate Forecasting

Drought, floods, heat, cold, snow, rain, lack of rain, lack of snow, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, cloudy days, sunny days, etc. have always been normal climatic patterns. No matter what you predict, you are guaranteed to be a winner. Unless … Continue reading

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Real Madrid Vs Barcelona : Your Predictions?

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Afternoon Temperatures In Norway : -12F (-24C)


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Guardian Proposes To Lower Oil Prices By Raising Oil Prices Through Carbon Tax

we saw in 2008 just what can happen when we fail to connect those dots – climate change, oil prices, protectionism and global economics collided to push food prices up and hang a cloud of starvation over the heads of … Continue reading

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State Of Minnesota Forecasts Hot Dry Summers And Polar Pears

In the New York Times article, the farmer said that wet summers were forecast by computer models, but the State of Minnesota reports the opposite.

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Guardian Can’t Keep Consistent For Six Minutes

We’ve all heard about Chelsea’s problems in defence – they don’t really have one at the minute – but Newcastle’s central pairing have exactly no league starts between them this season. Today looks like a good opportunity for Chelsea to … Continue reading

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Met Office Massively Fails Every Seasonal Forecast – But They Know The Weather In 50 Years


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Hansen Proposes To Freeze And Starve Poor People By Raising Energy Prices Further

http://af.reuters.com/article/energyOilNews/idAFLDE6AO17120101125 http://www.thedailygreen.com/

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Hottest Year Ever Flashback : Record Cold In Europe Starts And Ends The Year


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