$100 Billion Dollars A Year To Help Poor Countries Cope With Climate Change

We have gotten so used to Obama’s wild spending spree that sometimes we forget how much of our money he is spending. Last Christmas, Hillary promised $100 billion per year to stop climate change.

As Scott point out, that is $1,000 per year per taxpayer.

Did you agree to have government raise your taxes by $1000 per year to finance the largest scam in history?

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7 Responses to $100 Billion Dollars A Year To Help Poor Countries Cope With Climate Change

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Wouldn’t this have to be approved by Congress, or does Obamby have some kind of slush fund we don’t know about?

  2. suyts says:

    He’d better hurry. It won’t happen in the next congress.

  3. Nobama says:

    In the treaty Monckton exposed, I believe the climate Cabal wanted ~700B/year from the USA.

    The Senate reminded the White House that only THEY could ratify such a treaty, so Obama wasn’t too excited about going to the conference. He sent slick Hilly instead, with a check for 100B, but it was a promise, as I recall, for 10B/yr for 10 years. But I see in the Times article, she offered to “help raise” 100B/yr, but was unclear on how much the US was chipping in. usually, that means we’re giving 85% of it.

    Guess she figured 10 years was long enough for all the 8 year olds they’re brainwashing in grade school to get to voting age.

    The climate Mafia was quite unhappy, and if you recall, there was a lot of bickering while they waited for the Money man (Obama) to show up. They needed his signature to pay for the party they were having. The Ritz Carlton, every Limo and Hooker in Europe was booked for the additional gorging that was to follow. Even the Brad Pitt tinsel trailer was booked solid.

    Obummer arrived…., saying – “I’m on restriction” And all those who came merely to pick up their check were none too happy.

    It is still a gigantic sum of money. A testament to the incredible waste of our government.

  4. Nonoy Oplas says:

    The top climate bureaucrat in the Philippines suggested that we borrow $10 B a year for 10 years to “fight climate change.” There are plenty of climate rent-seekers from the rich and poor countries sides.

  5. AndyW says:

    Perhaps if you stopped eating pizza like this


    you could afford it :p


  6. Robert says:

    hurry, this is great…………… for help the poor……………..

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